Michigan Educators Protest Education Funding Cuts

April 23 – An estimated 600 teachers, school employees, and parents in Michigan marched to the state capitol in Lansing to protest additional cuts in education.

“Parents, educators and taxpayers from across the state are fed up with Lansing politicians and their continued attacks on public education and public school employees,” said Michigan Education Association (MEA) President Iris K. Salters. MEA is calling on lawmakers to reject the “cuts-only mentality” and come up with new solutions.

“Politicians should be working on real, balanced solutions, such as finally ending ineffective corporate tax incentives and using the savings to plug the massive holes in our state’s education budget,” Salters said.

In addition to the rally, more than 100,000 postcards of support will be turned over to state lawmakers and Michigan Governor Jenifer Granholm. MEA also announced the launch of a new television advertisement that demands politicians “stop treating teachers and school employees like punching bags.”

An even larger rally is scheduled for June 24 at the Capitol, which is expected to draw crowds of up to 10,000. Educators will once again demand an end to the relentless, dishonest attacks on public education and a commitment from the state to properly fund education.

“Like all Michigan citizens, school employees have shared in the state’s economic pain, giving up nearly $1 billion in wages and benefits over the past few years,’ Salters said.  “Enough is enough.”

See a slideshow of the rally.

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