Facing Deep Cuts, One State Says 'Enough is Enough'

By Cynthia McCabe

Asked to do even more with even less — less funding, less staffing, less respect — Michigan educators said enough is enough last week.

Their story is echoed across the country as educators eye the layoffs of an estimated 300,000 of their colleagues (and in some cases, themselves) due to state fiscal crises. (Read the first-hand accounts of laid-off teachers and education support professionals nationwide at EducationVotes.)

Knowing that when such deep cuts are made, it’s the students who suffer, about 7,000 Michigan Education Association members and public education supporters attended Thursday’s Enough is Enough rally at the Capitol. Their message to lawmakers: It’s time for a real, balanced, solution to provide adequate, equitable, stable funding for schools.

View photos of educators rallying at the event in Michigan and visit the Enough is Enough Facebook page.

Learn more about how NEA’s state affiliates are tackling layoffs and funding cuts. Because when it comes to educating the nation’s children under impossible budget conditions, enough is enough.

Photos: Karen Shulz and Miriam Garcia/Michigan Education Association