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Must Reads – Pensions and Social Security

July 22, 2010 by Amy Buffenbarger  
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Maine is considering switching state employees, such as teachers, from pensions to the social security program. “The proposal has the advantage of not reducing promised benefits, guaranteed by the constitution in many states. The change would not be cheap, but it would reduce the role of Maine’s pension fund and thus the risk of having to suddenly cover giant losses down the road.” Source: New York Times


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  1. Michael Riley says:

    Sample Letter to US Senators and Members of Congress
    to repeal Social Security GPO and WEP Offsets

    [NEA formatting is done automatically for inside address, proper Title in the Greeting, and Signature w/ your phone number]

    Repeal Social Security Offsets CLICK HERE

    or type in URL:

    Enter your zip code at: TAKE ACTION NOW! THEN CLICK GO!

    E-mail if you would like an active link to this web site and an electronic copy of this sample letter suitable for cutting and pasting. Please put “GPO” for the subject .

    Thanks for joining-in.

    I’m a public school teacher in California and I need your help.

    Please take immediate action to pass the Social Security Fairness Act (H.R.235 / S.484), which would repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision.

    If I were to retire now, these provisions would take away a significant amount of the Social Security benefits I [now receive /will receive at age 62 or later] and would force me to retire without adequate income. Contemplating this drastic reduction , I can not now afford to retire. This is NOT hypothetical…

    Both the House and Senate held hearings in the 110th Congress on this issue, but as yet, the bill has not moved out of committee.

    Retired educators, those still in the profession, and those seeking to enter the profession and those who see that these provisions are morally wrong cannot wait any longer for action. Please join-in, now!

    Would you please sign-on as cosponsor of this bill and ask that the Social Security Fairness Act report out of committee for a floor vote?

    If congress should decide to take up legislation addressing overall social security reform, I strongly urge the repeal of GPO and WEP as an essential part of any such legislation

    Thank you,.

    Your Name
    Your City
    Teaching Assignment, Age (optional)

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  2. says:

    ON MONDAY, MAY 14, 2011

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  3. Michael Mertens says:

    Has there been any lawsuits challenging the WEP. You know congress will never pass a bill to eliminate it. They say it would cost to much money. Statements I was getting from SS said I would get about 1,200.00 a month but with the WEP I would only get 333.00 a month. I put in by working two-three part time jobs plus working in a private school for 10 years. It’s my money and I should get it.

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  4. Greg Hollier says:

    I am hoping that some one will step up to the plate concerning WEP. I worked while in college and paid into social security. Then taught 8 years in a private school and paid into social security. I then taught 23 years in the public schools before retiring. I was told I would get almost $1,000 a month.Due to WEP I only receive approximately $476.00. Yes I earned a pension but, I am only asking for what I put in the SS system, nothing more.

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  5. Greg Hollier says:

    PS What happens to the monies that is taken from a social security recipient due to WEP? Think about it.

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