Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Huffington Post Writer Takes on Vague “Reform” Talk


Author and teacher Dan Brown responded to fellow Huffington Post blogger and filmmaker Davis Guggenheim this week, taking on the assumptions and assertions of Guggenheim’s recent piece for the site, as well as his forthcoming documentary about public education in America, Waiting for Superman.

After screening the documentary and reading Guggenheim’s piece, Brown is concerned:

In fact, a riled-up crowd that’s hazy on details will be willing to follow just about anyone who presses home their talking points and waves the rhetorical banner of “reform.”

I’m really scared that caring, well-meaning people who want justice for underserved students will follow this reform drumbeat into an irreversible abyss of privatization and high-stakes testing.

The Washington, D.C., high school teacher adds:

But as a teacher in an urban school, I am terrified that the “reformers” who share his talking points are creating school environments so unwelcoming to teachers’ individual talents that Guggenheim’s dream of great teachers everywhere will never come close to realization.

It’s worth a read…

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