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Must Reads – Waiting for Superman

September 10, 2010 by Amy Buffenbarger  
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On Daily Kos, blogger teacherken writes about the opinions, questions and ideas of educators and education experts that are left out of the upcoming movie, “Waiting for Superman.” Source: Daily Kos


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  2. Mark Morgan says:

    Mr. Terzian is incorrect when he asserts that private schools are more expensive than public schools, so according to Mr. Terzian, all we need to do to fix the public schools is “(pay) a few more dollars in taxes.” According to data from a 2006 U.S. Department of Education report on spending for 2003-2004 school year. The average private school tuition, $6600 per student, was about one third less than the spending per student in public schools, $9620. The private schools had eighteen percent more teachers per 1000 student than public schools, private 72.25 vs public 61 per 1000 students. Mr. Terzian I recommend you see “Waiting for Superman.”

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  3. michael says:

    The American children have the highest self esteem in the world, but are falling behind the world on math, science and reading skills. The truth is America children do not have high self esteem they are just self centered and egotistic. It is more important to the NEA to teach politically correct history (lies), politically correct agenda (heather has two mommies, daddy goes to pride day, moral relativism , against grading children because this causes to much stress for children having to compete with other students (here is a truth people compete with other people all through out their whole life, for jobs, for friends, for spouses & lovers, we have to teach our children this truth now and help them be able to compete in life later) what they do not teach is the basics correctly. We have been pouring money in our school system like it is water for last 20 years but the schools have gotten worse instead of better. By the way your buddy Clinton was in office when the schools started going downhill fast, so you need to blame him also for some the problem. But what does the NEA (majority Democrats) they blame George Bush and the Republicans; they blame the parents which is partly true. They blame society, what economic environment the child grows up in, inner city bad, suburbs good, (guess what children in high income suburbs are doing just as bad as children in low income inner cities.) maybe the NEA should start looking inward for the problems, if a teacher is bad at his/her job, refusing to teach properly, or caught doing something unethical they deserve to fire. The worse thing about the NEA is that teachers are allowed tenure after 2 years making it impossible to fire them from job. I have been at my job and still can be fired for doing something is wrong. Lastly charter schools work this it true here and other countries.

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  4. Mark,
    Read this…

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