NEA Honors Black History Month

February marks the observance of Black History Month and there are many ways to honor the contributions of African Americans to the history, culture and education of the United States.

“In schools across America, NEA members are honoring the rich cultural history and contributions of African Americans by celebrating Black History Month with special lesson plans and activities”, said National Education Association President, Dennis Van Roekel.

“NEA recognizes the important contributions being made by African American teachers and education support professionals in our public schools, and we honor the dedication and leadership of all of our members who are working hard to close achievement gaps and raise graduation rates”, he added.

For NEA, “having a diverse school work force is critical to bridging the gap between ethnic, racial and cultural differences”, and is key to finding “new and innovative ways to engage students, involve the community, and transform our schools.”


Over the years, NEA has played an increasingly vital role in improving the conditions under which teachers work and children learn. In the turbulent 1960s, the historic merger of the NEA and the predominantly Black American Teachers Association promoted the human and civil rights of educators and students of all ethnicities.

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