Wisconsin Mobilizes Against Gov. Walker's Anti-Educator Bill

They came by the tens of thousands, pouring into the statehouse, amassing in front of courthouses and political offices, marching out of classrooms, offices and their homes.

On Tuesday, the people of Wisconsin stood up and said ‘No!’ to Gov. Scott Walkers’ attempts to decimate workers’ rights in the state with his fast-tracked budget “repair” bill. At the largest rally, at the statehouse in Madison, officials estimated the crowd at 25,000. A week of such rallies and lobbying is planned and a vote could come as early as Thursday on the budget bill.

Spurred by the governor’s attempts to eliminate and weaken collective bargaining and pensions and health care benefits for public employees, the rally groups comprised public- and private-sector workers, retirees, students and others.

“This isn’t just about pay and benefits – this is an attack on our rights,” said Rozalia Harris, a teacher from Milwaukee’s Hi-Mount Elementary School who attended the rally. “We have to let everyone know how bad this is going to be for our state.”

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  • Dr. Joe Thomas

    Less than 1/2 of 1 percent of Wisconsin’s total population rails against this and yet it’s characterized as “the people of Wisconsin?” The title of this article characterizes the bill as anti-Educator?

    Come on! I disagree with the bill, too, but I’m not willing to mischaracterize the facts to make my point. It’s no wonder the press has credibility anymore with reporting like this. Please, please! Stick to the facts! Let them speak for themselves!

  • John Hand

    Just finished watching Dennis Van Roekel’s interview with Andrea Mitchell on Video of the Day. Congratulations to Dennis for being in Wisconsin and standing with our brothers and sisters there. It’s too bad that Ms. Mitchell was so factually challenged in the interview that she couldn’t even ask a coherent follow-up on Gov. Christie’s anti-LIFO position (which is, according to Dennis, a position on a non-issue). Ms. Mitchell described Christie’s speech as “creating quite a stir.” He was speaking to his own choir at the American Enterprise Institute, and people like Mitchell see this kind of speech as “creating quite a stir?” With a MSM that can’t get facts straight, it’s no wonder that people who comment on the Wisconsin demonstrations don’t understand the issues. Two updates: 1) Read Paul Krugman’s column today in case anyone doesn’t understand the issues; 2) Democraticunderground.com reports that the same budget bill also authorizes the governor to sell off state-owned power plants on a no-bid, no questions asked basis. Some democracy, huh?

  • Alan Holyoak

    We are fighting a similar battle against a proposed plan that will strip teachers of options to carry out collective bargaining, etc. Our Superintendent of Public Education, Tom Luna, is touting his and Gov. Otter’s plan as one that increases options for local districts. The only options I can see are these…you can either pay your teachers less or lay some off, increase class sizes, and pay the remaining teachers the same…oh, and they lose all collective bargaining in the process.

    This makes me fighting mad…and leaders(?) are trying to do the same in Wisconsin, Indiana, etc. Did these people get together and develop similar plans at some meeting someplace?