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Exposing the Big Lie About “Overpaid” Public Employees

February 21, 2011 by twalker  
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A new study reveals that state and local workers in Wisconsin and Ohio are already making significantly less pay and benefits than private sector employees with the same qualifications and traits doing similar jobs. Source: Economic Policy Institute


4 Responses to “Exposing the Big Lie About “Overpaid” Public Employees”
  1. Arthur Wenzel says:

    None of this discussion over teachers being overpaid took place before the real crooks in society caused the economic crisis. Yet, these bums are not only still making the big bucks, they got bonuses from the rest of us for the trouble they caused. Welcome to the twilight zone; pray for karma.

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  2. Amy says:

    Here are someoints to keep in mind for those that think that teachers are overpaid:
    1. We do not get paid for our summer vacation or any other vacation time. We can choose to have our pay spread put over the summer.
    2. Unlike many private companies, we public teachers have to pay for continuing education out of our pocket and do NOT get compensated for it. So, we are paying to keep our job.
    3. Our benefits are actually not that great. My neighbor the banker has better health care, 4o1 k and pension that I have.
    4. How many workers in the private sector actually spend many hours a night planning to do their job the next day. We go home and grade paper and spend hours planning to teach kids the next day that we are not paid for.
    5. When the economy is good those in the private sector get bonuses and profit sharing checks, like GM workers are now. Teachers get nothing whe the economy is good and then when the economy is bad, the state takes the little we do have.
    6. I am currently on a two year pay step freeze and the state is taking 3 percent of my pay. How many in the private sector are giving 3 percent to the state to make up for a failing economy?
    7. After ten years in the classroom and a masters degree I make far less than my friends and neighbors with less of a degree and on the job experience. It’s is sad when a line worker at FORD makes more than a master teacher with a masters degree. It is even sadder whe those that are in office to uphold the laws and better our society try and take from the ones that are trying to better our nations future.

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  3. TheTruthDetector says:

    Teacher Pay in Kalamazoo Mich, the contract calls for 190 days of work. The average teacher salary rose 1.3 percent to $56,633 in 2011-12, compared to 2010-11. But while the average teacher received a small raise, about $740, numerous districts cutailed the typical level of raises by rolling back their salary schedule or lowering or freezing step increases.
    From 2010-11 to 2011-12, the average share of health-insurance premiums paid by teachers doubled from 10 to 20 percent, while the average dollar amount rose from $1,342 to $2,649. That is $298 a day X 5 days $1490 a week for 38 weeks. Their health care until very recently was at no cost to them that the school paid $14000 a year for the family plan making in kind compensation $70,000.

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  4. TheTruthDetector says:

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