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MD Senate Passes Dream Act

March 17, 2011 by Amy Buffenbarger  
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The state senate in Maryland passed a bill that would allow any student who attends a Maryland high school for at least three years “be granted in-state tuition and mandates students first attend a community college in their high school jurisdiction before qualifying for the in-state rate at a four-year public college or university.” Source: Maryland Gazette


One Response to “MD Senate Passes Dream Act”
  1. aaron gray says:

    It is disappointing that in order to belong to my local teacher union I must also be a member of the NEA. Your political actions turn my stomach. All I want out of my union is the negotiating power they have over conditions and salary. I don’t want you taking my money and giving it to the likes of Obama and Mikulsky. Very disappointing

    Aaron Gray

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