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Duncan Calls for $60,000 Starting Teacher Salary

August 2, 2011 by Amy Buffenbarger  
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In remarks last week at a conference of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called for “higher salaries, improved performance-based teacher accountability, and a higher bar for prospective students to enter schools of education.” Source: Education Week‘s Politics K-12


One Response to “Duncan Calls for $60,000 Starting Teacher Salary”
  1. Edward L says:

    Arne, I hope to God that you read this… You are just as clueless and disconnected as the guy who hired you! Just wanting to throw $$$$ into a broken system without tackling the true root cause.

    The main issue that needs to be addressed is not the teachers or even the school system. It is the mind set of the parents who put such little emphasis on the importance of education and feel it is the teacher’s and school’s responsibilty to ensure that their kids succeed in school. They care about their kids having Air Jordans and the latest X-Box games more than preparing and empowering them for their working years. Just look at the difference between parent/teacher conferences and PTA meetings of a high performing school vs a low performing school.

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