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‘Schools-Threaten-National-Security’ Report: The Dissents

March 21, 2012 by twalker  
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A new report by former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and former NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein declares that U.S. national security is threatened by the “educational failure” of public schools. Their key recommendations include the expansion of charter schools and voucher programs. Valerie Strauss points out that the report includes dissensions from a few members of the task force, including Linda Darling-Hammond, who writes: “Although the report suggests, appropriately, that we must now compete with high-achieving nations around the world, its recommendations do not acknowledge the lessons these nations have to offer or the lessons we should learn from reforms in the United States.” Source: The Washingon Post


One Response to “‘Schools-Threaten-National-Security’ Report: The Dissents”
  1. Mary says:

    Condoleza Rice has joined the ranks of those who want to endorse charter schools so we taxpayers will never know where our tax money is going. Right now when I vote on a school levy I know what I am paying for and how much it will cost me as a home owner. Politicians are laying the groundwork by telling people not to vote for tax money for schools, teachers are paid too much, and some have even said if you go to college you are “a snob”. Plus if you get a good education no one wants to pay the American worker. Condoleza Rice is giving in to corporate control of as many charter schools as possible. Politicians are not requiring any accountability for my money or feel obligated to tell us how well their schools are doing. Read how well charter school are doing in Dayton, Ohio, and how over a million of our tax money has been wasted.
    A group called White Hat is another scary group in Ohio who wants no accountability or obligation to let us know where our money is going. It all boils down to taxation without representation. It seems that that didn’t go so well back in the early days.

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