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White House Announces Arts Education Plan

April 23, 2012 by twalker  
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President Obama, aided by prominent artists, hopes to help turn around low-performing schools with a new arts education program, the White House announced on Monday. Called Turnaround Arts, the program aims to improve academic performance and increase student engagement through the arts. Source: New York Times



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  1. The NEA Fine Arts Caucus is proud to be reintroducing an NBI related to STEAM education. We are excited to be launching our 45 Reasons in the 45 days leading to RA 2013 in Atlanta Georgia that NEA DELEGATES SHOULD SUPPORT STE(A)M EDUCATION INITIATIVES. To see more check out the NEA Fine Arts Caucus Blogsite at and follow our campaign on FB at and on TWITTER at FULL STEAM AHEAD.

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