An un-dynamic duo: Romney announces Ryan as VP pick

High profile couplings often make one stop and wonder: What do these two see in each other? But there’s little mystery in the case of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his vice presidential pick, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, which was announced earlier today.

The two have a lot in common when it comes to their destructive approach to public education and an unflagging commitment to catering to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans at the expense of the remaining 98 percent.

During his 13 years in Congress, Ryan has repeatedly supported cuts to education funding, including blocking support intended to help avoid educator layoffs and prevent ballooning class sizes. As chair of the House Budget Committee, Ryan was the architect of a plan that proposes to cut $1.1 billion from early childhood education, which would deny more than 2 million poor children the opportunity for high-quality early education.

You can click here to sign the open letter to Mitt Romney and VP choice Paul Ryan and ask them to make investments in education a priority.

“Ryan’s position on fundamental education issues like funding for early childhood education and efforts to keep class sizes small don’t speak to ensuring that every child in this country gets a quality education,” said educator and NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. “It continues Romney’s misguided and out of touch mentality that class size doesn’t matter and children should get as much education as they can ‘afford’.

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  • Scott Wells

    And the Obama administration doesn’t want disruptive students to be removed from the classroom. That’s right. Arne Duncan and the Department of Education are attacking teachers and schools to make sure that such kids are allowed to ruin the lessons. Nothing could be more harmful to minority children than allowing 2 students out of 35 to ruin the education of the others. Fellow NEA members, we need to pressure our union to pressure the Administration or we (not our students) deserve the chaos that we get. I would prefer that our union spends less time worrying about our salaries and more time making our classrooms livable. Speak up LOUDLY at your next union meeting. If someone stands up and says “It is Black culture to disrupt and swear at the teacher” call them a racist. Paste the link below in your web browser. What you read will appall you.

  • Lupita Reyes

    This is very upsetting. I read the article and found another one at the New York Times. As a woman of color I am insulted that the Department of Education is actually encouraging schools to hurt all students of color..and under AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT??????????????. I am a teacher ed candidate. Stories like this actually make me question my choice. Depressing. Why doesn’t NEA do something…

  • M Steele

    Can we please not assume that all NEA members are liberal Democrats? I grow tired of not being represented politically in any way by a union that takes my money every year.

  • D Hill

    Why am I paying tax money for the NEA to support a negative campaign against Romney/Ryan? Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

    I’d rather the NEA spend money on educating our children, rather than “blowing smoke” in an attempted protection of their union benefits including tenure and pensions.

    Try competing and working in the “real” world, then offer that experience to our children, otherwise the NEA is just another clustured group of dependent recipients.

  • Mark Taylor

    Hey, NEA….enough Romney/Ryan bashing. All NEA members and prospective members aren’t Democrats. There are many high-quality educators who feel like President Obama has been an extremely ineffective president, and who also believe that throwing money at our education problems isn’t a solution. There are those of us who know plenty of bad teachers that will not be fixed with additional taxpayer funding. A better solution might be to have the unions support GOOD teachers and help school districts get rid of the bad ones instead of intimidating them into keeping lazy and incompetent teachers forever. Time for NEA to begin to act educated and thoughtful instead of predictably partisan and liberal.