• Stephen

    I feel your tacit support of this movie is misplaced. Not condemning this movie as another propoganda piece to try to sway public opinion against public education is tacitly condoning this type of subterfuge. Not only that, but to see this movie is to sink money into the very system bent on substituting education for profit. I would expect NEA to take a harder line against this agitprop.

  • monique meinert

    Well, why doesn’t AEA or “pro teachers” directors/actors come up with a movie that generates what teachers REALLY go through and how they need support?

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  • Larry C

    What this movie speaks to first and foremost is making money. Does anyone really think educators have any input into this? As we have seen, movie makers will show anything that makes a buck or meets their agenda. Keep them out of this. What it will do is inflame emotions against teachers and other educators, vilifying them for all the problems when the real problem is you, Mr. and Mrs. parent. You aren’t living up to your responsibility; your little darling is not getting social training at home and is bringing his/her “I’m number one!” and “kick ass” attitude to school. If you want better schools, then make them better. They’re yours…quit passing the buck and blaming everyone else. And don’t dump your problems into private schools expecting a different outcome; you’ll only foul them as well
    If you’ve followed school reform movements very long, you have seen the frustration with public schools grow. What parents seem to miss is the fact they have already taken over the schools long ago. That’s why they’re called public schools. What they are not doing is demanding accountability from elected officials that continually impose nonsensical requirements on professional educators for political reasons. If parents want to “take back the schools”, then start by demanding the elected officials at every level start listening…then doing. If you had a serious medical condition, would you tolerate a politician telling the doctor how to treat you? The doctor is trained to practice medicine. Teachers are trained to practice education. Politicians…well, who knows what they’re trained for, but teachers, doctors, society in general does not work for the elected; they work for us. Teachers and education professionals have been telling elected officials what the schools need, but what they get is a politically correct response designed only to get reelected.
    Parents need to understand they are abdicating the right for their children to have a great education in a public school; what they and others before them paid for. I personally have no problem with charter schools or any other private schools. For those who wish to go and can afford it, then that option is available. But don’t expect a different outcome. You’re simply moving the problem from one place to another and proposing to drain the resources from public schools in the process. You need to prepare your children for school. When did parents get the idea the teacher had to put up with physical violence or abusive behavior by children? Do we tolerate adults who physically assault their employer in the private sector? Certainly not. They are arrested, tried and sentenced if guilty. Parents, don’t say this isn’t your child. When you child’s teacher tell you there is a problem, listen. Don’t deny it and then try to blame the teacher. It’s your kid, take the responsibility. Moving the resources from public to private doesn’t fix the problem and is a serious error and a heinous offense against every American child. As is always the case, the poor, the minorities, those with the least wherewithal will suffer first, most and longest. Philanthropists, elected officials and bureaucrats in general should be ashamed for betraying the public school system. They wanted the control; they got it…now fix the problem. Platitudes and campaign promises don’t work…listen to the people who are the trained professionals. They will tell you what is needed. “Race to the Top” and other such foolish attempts do nothing but show the immaturity and incompetence of the leadership of the U.S. Department of Education.
    A few thoughts on reform; national core curriculum (I’m hesitant to use the word national because that has connotations of the Feds involved), smaller classes, getting social issues out of the classroom and into the venue where it should be; those are just a few ideas. It is not the teacher’s job to deal with a child’s social issues. Speaking of social issues, get the government to put money into before and after school day care, breakfast and lunch programs, medical care; all of these are needed and should be implemented, but not with teacher involvement. There plate is full enough. Require District and State Superintendents to provide standard course objectives instead of leaving it up to individual teachers to figure out what the (missing) standard is.
    All of this and more can be done; it will not be easy because there are so many well intentioned, competing agendas that do not work. America is a diverse country; one size does not fit all from coast to coast. But there can be core elements that do fit so any American child will be competitive in science, technology, engineering and mathematics with people from other countries. And don’t forget the liberal arts. You can have all the STEM there is, but if the child does not think critically, reason, write, and read critically, their skills will be subordinated to those from other countries who have the complete package.
    The sooner parents quit blaming teachers for the problems and start holding those accountable who really are the cause, the sooner they will get their schools back and the education their children need and deserve. Until that happens, it all just a bunch of noise that will not end well.

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  • Tim Brinker

    I have always felt strongly about all issues and institutions, that you do not quit, pull out, and start new, but you work within the system yto make improvements-make it work. The same goes for home-schooling and charter schools.

  • Reuben

    I have recently been ‘blacklisted’ because I questioned where particular grant funding was going. The 21st Century Grant. I attempted to collaborate and build a communication within a small school district; and it seems that certain individuals do not want the input from teachers or parents. Now he feels that his reputation with the state has been damaged, because I inquired about the funding. So now, he has made it sure that I am never hired here in this district.

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