Educator Enthusiasm Surges as Election 2012 Nears

With Election Day just next week, educators are fired up about exercising their right to vote and taking the lead in making sure their friends and neighbors can do the same. That’s a good thing — as trusted community members, educators like you are just the civic-minded folks who can encourage other eligible voters to make casting a ballot their top priority on November 6.

Face-to-face conversations about the importance of voting and which candidates are best for public education can have enormous impact when educators are the ones delivering that message. And believe it or not, wrapping up those conversations by simply asking eligible voters to commit to going to the polls is an important step.

If you live in one of the 19 states in which voter laws have changed in the past few years (in some cases in the past few weeks), you can also play a role in educating other voters about their rights.

It’s not too late to get involved and make sure we elect those who will do right by public education and the middle class.

Here’s how your colleagues are making a difference — and you can, too.

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