Michigan Legislature Passes ‘Right to Work’ Bill

Even though a new poll shows voters are against it, the State House and Senate in Michigan this afternoon approved a bill pushed by leaders in the GOP-controlled state legislature and corporate CEOs that unfairly tips the scales against hardworking Michiganders.

The so-called “Right to Work” bill was introduced Thursday, and while the bill’s name sounds as if it might benefit workers, Michigan workers aren’t fooled. This bill, say worker advocates, is designed to give corporate CEOs such as David and Charles Koch — two of the bills primary backers — even more power to maximize profits at the expense of those who teach our children, protect our streets, keep us healthy, and build our roads and vehicles.

Gov. Rick Snyder, who is also a Republican, previously called the bill “divisive” and said the issue “was not on his agenda” but, under pressure from conservative leaders in the House and Senate and wealthy political donors, he changed his mind following meetings this week.

“We elected leaders who we thought would work together to create jobs, steer our economy back to fiscal strength, and restore the American Dream for the middle class,” said Steven Cook, an educator from Lansing who is president of the Michigan Education Association (MEA). MEA represents the teachers and education support professionals who serve the students in Michigan’s public schools.

“Let’s be clear,” Cook added. “This legislation is not about improving the economy or creating jobs — this is political payback that puts big corporations and special-interest CEOs before Michigan’s working families,” said Cook, who added that this is a “dangerous law” that would weaken families, suppress voices in our democracy, and divide us all.

The governor’s decision has sparked heated protests in Lansing, with workers storming the State Capitol chanting, “Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, Right to Work has got to go.” More demonstrations are scheduled over the next several days.

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  • John Dill

    Compulsory union membership is just plain wrong. This bill gives workers the right to choose. And it will help the Michigan economy, which will hekp teachers.

  • Karen Wolf

    This is just the new Republican governor’s tricky little lie to make their state’s think that they are not involved in legislation like “Right to Work”. Saying these four little words “NOT ON MY AGENDA”, they know that decent and honest people will usually accept a person’s word. But, we cannot take these Republican governors on their word. They lie to keep away the protestors, letters, phone calls, opposition plans,petitions, etc. Then they “DROP THE BOMB”. These three little words are the words of Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin. He’s using “not on my agenda” for a few “hot” items, like ending same day voter registration. WE CANNOT TAKE THE WORD OF REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ANY LONGER!!! NOT ON MY AGENDA actually means that their Republican majority is actually working on these issues and he/she thinks it distances them from unfair, racist, plutocratic, probably “ERIC CREATED”, legislation.