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Can Google Help Students Master the Art of Online Search?

January 17, 2013 by twalker  
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The same search engine that educators say is often guilty of providing students with access to too much unfiltered information is also home to some of the best resources for teaching young researchers about the uses—and potential perils—of the Internet. Google’s Search Education feature gives educators free access to lesson plans and classroom activities intended to help students cultivate better online search skills. Source: EdTech Magazine



One Response to “Can Google Help Students Master the Art of Online Search?”
  1. Dan says:

    The most powerful search tool for those who rely heavily on Internet searches (like students, teachers, researchers, librarians, police, FBI, HR departments and the like) is DiCheetal. DiCheetal also returns results only from trusted sites (which is crucial when one searches for legal, medical or any other important matter) if you tell it so (see it at )

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