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U.S. Graduation Rate Highest in 40 Years

June 10, 2013 by twalker  
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By Helen Yoshida

The nation’s graduation rate rose to almost 75 percent in 2010, the highest point since 1973, according to Education Week’s new Diplomas Count report.

“A decade ago, as concerns about the nation’s graduation rate were just starting to gain public attention, only two-thirds of U.S. students were finishing up high school with a diploma,” said Christopher B. Swanson, Vice President of Editorial Projects in Education, who analyzed the data. “Now, the graduation rate from America’s public schools stands just shy of 75 percent. At the current pace of improvement the graduation rate could reach an all-time high within the next few years.”

The report, Second Chances: Turning Dropouts into Graduates, also contained sobering news about dropouts. Approximately 1 million students will leave school and not cross the commencement stage with the class of 2013.The report takes a look at the current 1.8 million so-called “recoverable youths” - young adults who are not enrolled in school and have not completed high school, and investigates strategies for helping them. In addition, the report tracks graduation policies for the states as well as the District of Columbia and features an analysis of the 2010 graduation patterns for the nation, states, and the country’s 50 largest school systems. Below are a few of the highlights:

  • The nation’s graduation rate has reached 74.7 percent, its highest point since 1973.
  • Latino and African-American students have driven this national improvement. Graduation rates for Latino students have increased by 5.4 percent while rates for African-American students have increased by 3.3 percent from 2009 to 2010.
  • The nation’s graduation rate has increased by 7.9 percent from 2000 to 2010.
  • In Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin, 80 percent of their high school students graduate. In Georgia, the District of Columbia, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, and South Carolina less than two-thirds of students graduate from high school.
  • The graduation gaps between Latinos and Whites and African-Americans and whites have narrowed within a decade while the gap between Native Americans and Whites have widened.
  • New York City and Los Angeles produce the most high school dropouts. New York City has 36,000 dropouts while Los Angeles ranks second, churning out 32,000 graduates per year.



Source: Diplomas Count 2013


7 Responses to “U.S. Graduation Rate Highest in 40 Years”
  1. Harris says:

    Good news! It would be interesting to see a gender split, too. There’s been lots of data over the past decade that males are dropping out at much higher rates than females. Do you have any of that information?

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  2. This is great news!

    A high school diploma is so important to a person’s success in life. As a local United Way serving Stanislaus County, we are launching an Education Initiative which will place graduation coaches in junior high schools. We hope to have these Graduation Coaches give 7th graders a better chance at graduating high school.

    Thanks for sharing this news.

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  3. camb88 says:

    Great data, NEA Today, but you’re preaching to the choir here. What media outlets (print, TV, radio, online) have you convinced to pick up and spread this story in support of teachers, teaching, schools, and your own NEA members?

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