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Discovery Communications Cancels “Bad Teachers”

April 30, 2014 by twalker  
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In response to teacher complaints, Investigation Discovery has cancelled the much-maligned program “Bad Teachers.” Here’s how the show was described in press materials:“ The educators exposed in Investigation Discovery’s new, three-part series Bad Teachers had been beloved by students, looked up to by faculty peers, and trusted by parents. Little did anyone know that their extra-curricular activities crossed the line into Twisted chemistry, secret lust, shocking exploitation, and felony seduction.”

Steve Dembo of Discovery Education – which was not affiliated with the program – wrote on his blog:

We appreciate the support of the educational community for bringing this to our attention and
we are pleased to share that Discovery Communications has decided to immediately cancel this program, removing it from ID’s on-air and online schedule. At Discovery Education, we hold teachers and the teaching profession in the highest regard. We remain committed to supporting educators around the world in their tireless efforts to enhance the culture of learning for every child, every day.


5 Responses to “Discovery Communications Cancels “Bad Teachers””
  1. AJ Flyn says:

    I don’t get why it is such a good thing to suppress a piece about bad things! Exposing these things should only lead to steps to make sure they don’t happen in the future. Advocating this suppression is in effect protecting future perpetrators. Instead of advocating suppression of this information you should be working on a response as to how to prevent these situations in the future. THAT would be welcome! I hope someone buys this program from Discovery and goes forth with it, It is information the public has a right to know. Shame to the unions, teachers and parents applauding the suppression of this information. I know that a vast majority of teachers are dedicated professionals who care deeply about children and education. I am disappointed that society doesn’t value them more highly, after all we are placing our future in their hands.

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  2. A Ray says:

    I just read a news article about a teacher in my area who gave her 15 year old a lap dance for his birthday during her class with others present. The NEA would attempt to restrict that information if they could.

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  3. JT says:

    This is not something to cheer. While we can all agree that this program does not represent the majority of teachers or society as a whole, sexual abuse of children is a problem that needs to be brought out of the shadows. Acting as if these situations don’t exist make it tougher for victims of these crimes to come forward. Good way to celebrate Sexual Abuse Awareness month….

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  4. cheleb says:

    Students & parents are going to start using hidden video devices regarding these allegations; uploading them in either “real” time or to news outlets…then there’s going to be some real outrage!

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  5. J says:

    Since when has doing profiles on criminals become such a hot button issue that teachers unions are willing to undermine the 1st amendmant? This just goes to show you how far left these unions have gone. They are willing to protect the behavior of people who are supposed to be entrusted with the education and care of children, even though it is likely that the person who were to be profiled have already been found guilty in a court of law and have not been denied due process. The fact that they would protect child molesters is a sickening example of the low estate of these people.

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