Arkansas ESP Shares Lessons On Reaching for the Stars

Educators may spend their careers preparing lessons, but often the most memorable are those they learn themselves.  With that in mind, NEA Today asked school staff –  everyone from classroom teachers and bus drivers to guidance counselors and school nurses – to share the everyday lessons they’ve picked up along the way in a series called “What I’ve Learned.”

Juain Young is an education support professional from Booker Arts Magnet Elementary School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are the lessons he’s learned as an elementary educator.

I have learned that every child can learn.  (although sometimes differently).

I’ve learned that teamwork has to be exercised, not “fantasized.” To put it into practice, everyone should carry their load and if need be, everyone should assist his neighbor if his load load gets too heavy.

I have learned that understanding cultural diversity is a must in order to help our students and systems succeed.

I have learned that from students to parents to staff and beyond, we all have a position in this education process.  Everyone is important and valuable regardless of their position and status and should be always respected and treated fairly.

I have learned to choose your battles.  Not everything requires an immediate response.  Learn to watch and listen more.  You will learn a lot more with your ears open and mouth closed.

I have learned that self-motivation is a must. Sometimes you must encourage yourself to success.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, nor what you’ve gone through in life, your attitude determines your altitude.  Reach for the moon!!!

I’ve learned to always be kind, considerate and understanding to all you meet. You never know who you will need one day.  Exude patience, passion, creativity and self-control. Stomp out negative with positive!

I have learned to be positive regardless of what you face. Smile. Don’t be a thermometer who adjusts to your climate/surroundings. Rather, be a thermostat who changes the atmosphere when you walk into a room. Never feel bad about being the positively creative you!

I’ve learned it’s never too late to reach your goals and dreams.  Some of the most beautiful fragrant flowers are “late bloomers”. Continue to strive for better and never settle for less. Believe in yourself!