• Ronnie

    Shut up joe

  • Pete Moran

    Lily is 110% right the men were being men,they pretended to listen and then gave wrong input. Joe, have Lily on again next time really listen. You acted like my 17 year old teenage son when he is getting good advice not a compliment. A teacher in my 18th year. Lily, thanks for standing up for your educators.

  • Karl Gabbey

    Joe, like O’Reilly of Fox, needs to outshout his intellectually superior guest. He also needs a backup reinforcement for the coup de grace. Neither Joe nor his backup are interested in facts. Joe was a promoter of “failed” public schools twenty years ago. Lily was too polite. Are U.S. public schools failing? Public schools were also “failing” before the launch of Sputnik in 1958. What a canard! The difference between 1958 and today is that today, wealthy individuals like Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, large corporations, and craven politicians in this country have an interest in promoting the notion of “failing public schools” in order to privatize them for profit. Charter schools are their vehicles. The pattern since Reagan and Bush I has been for influential private entities to denigrate public education (our “liberal” media are useful tools), weaken the will of the public to support its schools, declare individual schools as “failures,” persuade lawmakers or school authorities to outsource the education program of the “failed school(s),” fire all the teachers, hire young, inexperienced, inexpensive people through “Teach for America” (TFA). milk the hapless taxpayers for all they can get, and pay dividends to the stockholders. Hopefully, no one will notice that “for profit” charters carry a high risk of fraud and corruption.

    If we allow these education buccaneers to highjack our system of public education, we will lose a vital pillar of our democracy. That’s an understatement. Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave.

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  • Patricia Robertson

    Lily, you are my heroine! No histrionics, no angry accusations, no negativity. Just straight talk about the “koolaid” that the whole country seems to have drunk about how to “fix” our public schools. I work every week in many classrooms (retired 4th-grade teacher, have been substitute teaching now for six years), and what I see is smart, committed educators working hard to help their students become passionate learners, good citizens, and excited creators. Yet the testing (now on computers so that the companies that pitch them can make even higher profits and mine more data) takes soooo much time, is narrowing the curriculum, and is being used to beat up those folks so that they are leaving the profession in droves, discouraged and disillusioned. That’s what we’re doing, while Finland makes teaching a real profession, makes it competitive and well-paid, and puts the decision-making about what’s best for the students in the hands of the people who work with them daily. Keep up the straight talk, Lily, in your inimitably positive way, with a smile and a joke. We love you!