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  • Patrick Puhr

    Can you dig up a comparison to say 20, 30, 40 and 50 years ago, now that would be interesting to see.

  • ikkurani

    My daughter ikku can do very much things. 12 year girl learning everything herself.When she was very small she was speaking minimum five languages . Between with lot of sufferings and limitations she absorb everything herself from a black and white T.V also from her mother. I can tell with PROUD no one can do it in this TYPE OF CIRCUMSTANCES this much. But she never will do her personal duty herself. That much I giving or following always behind of her. May be that is not a good thing, but I giving chance that much to learn also satisfaction of my love. Now she can tell the name of dinosaurs A to Z, she learn it from T V even Halloween too. Sorry I praised a lot… But our very bad situation she learned everything herself. So it came out… Sorry for an explanation about own daughter… Thankyou

  • Bonita Williams

    It may be hard to them, because it’s all new to the kids. If us as parents train are kids and be more in there so call business it will help them learn. We also need to teach time management.

  • juan robles

    We use to much paper we write and later we get rid of it we should get laptops for every student and there or problem is done we keep all our notes, homework,etc. We can use less paper if we get laptops instead of book that destroy all of beautiful trees

  • Martha Sanchez

    I wonder how many of those students are Latinos, African American, Native American and White… I feel that when we survey all students equality we are in someway ignoring and denying minority students the opportunity to show the world that they are continuously underfunded, disenfranchised and ignored.

  • In my opinion this research is very clear an concise. I am an advocate of making sure that no one gets let out as well but for this study, it works for me to have minority listed. It is then our duty if you wish to dig a little deeper when it comes to others. rnAs a student educator I agree with what I have read. I appreciate the findings and look forward to more research!

  • Happy to see that over 82% of kids participate in after school activities!

  • Judi roach

    How about a graphic with what it is like to be a teacher today? I am very curious about what that would look like.

  • Why not have a regional “TEACHING BEST PRACTICES” conference?rnrnWhere it’s broken up by: Elem, Middle and High School.rnSubject Matter: Best Practices

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