National Higher Education Month

October is National Higher Education Month!

This National Higher Education Month we celebrate the dedicated faculty and staff who ensure our students are able to grab their piece of the American Dream through higher education. Designated by the 2018 NEA Representative Assembly, National Higher Education Month (NHEM) provides an opportunity to build bridges between PK-12 educators and students, and their higher-ed colleagues and institutions.

Below you’ll find NEA resources regarding higher education, ways to advocate for the affordable, high-quality public higher education our students need to succeed, and a signup form for the NEA HigherEd email newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on the latest higher education news.

What you need to know about NEA Higher Ed:

  • Your national union can help you get the contract you deserve.
    NEA Higher Ed maintains a comprehensive, searchable database of college and university staff and faculty contracts, as well as salary schedules, and has trained higher ed leaders in the growing practice of bargaining for the common good.
  • Your union also can help you be a better educator
    NEA’s partnership with the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network is producing a robust, online library of Thriving in Academe guides
  • …and improve your leadership skills, too.
    NEA provides a variety of training opportunities and resources, including advanced workshops at the NEA National Leadership Summit and pre-summit NEA Higher Ed conference.
  • Stay informed with NEA emails and webinars.
    NEA Higher Ed members get the scoop from the NEA HigherEd newsletter, which provides opportunities to advocate on federal legislation, learn about trends on campuses, and more.
  • Get a voice in the development of progressive policy.
    NEA’s Representative Assembly has committed to measures to promote safe campuses, equity for contingent faculty, and a balanced approach to online learning.
  • Be protected.
    The NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program protects most union members with up to $1 million in personal liability coverage for incidents arising from their work.
  • Join us in standing up for social and racial justice.
    NEA has committed to eradicating institutional racism in every level of education, and is working to protect immigrant students and employees, as well as LGBTQ students and employees, and is organizing faculty and staff on HBCU campuses.
  • And save money, too!
    You don’t join a union for discounts at restaurants and hotels… but NEA Member Benefits also offers financial services around homeownership, student loan repayment, and retirement planning, plus member rates on insurance access to the NEA long-term care program.

Higher Education is the Gateway to the American Dream

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Higher Education Best Practices - Teaching & Learning

NEA has partnered with the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network to provide practical advice to college and university faculty on how to more effectively teach higher education students.

Resources for historically black colleges and universities

NEA is committed to HBCU sustainability and student success through legislative advocacy, collective bargaining for faculty and staff, community partnerships, and collaboration with the administration.

Latest Higher Ed News!

Read the latest editorial from NEA Today about higher education funding and how it could impact a campus near you!

Take Action:

Contact your lawmakers and tell them to reinvest in post-secondary education, focus on affordability, and provide supportive environments for teaching and learning.

What is Higher Education Worth?

Check out this post on Lily’s Blackboard about the decline in support for public higher education. For her, the real story is why we are seeing this failure by state lawmakers and powerful people.


FAQs About Higher Education & Collective Bargaining
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about NEA Higher Ed’s Organizing.

Why I’m A Member
Profiles of people in the NEA Higher Ed community and what membership means to them.

National Council for Higher Education
NCHE is an independent membership organization for all higher education members of the National Education Association who join.

State Cuts to Higher Education Threaten Access and Equity
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities shares that a decade since the Great Recession hit, state spending on public colleges and universities remains well below historical levels.

Five Tips for Successful Class Field Trips
A college or university visit can empower at-risk students by providing experiences that fundamentally change their feelings that college is only accessible to certain people. Check out these great tips from NEA Member Benefits before your next field trip. Here’s a certificate for your students who visited an institution of higher learning.