Order a Census Poster for your Classroom or School

Increase Awareness of the 2020 Census

NEA partnered with artist Marka27 to create special edition “I Count” posters to help educators increase awareness of the 2020 Census and encourage students and their families to participate in the safe and easy process.

Every 10 years, the federal government aims to provide a complete count of EVERY person residing in the United States. Census numbers help determine the formulas for critical funding for our public schools, social programs, and infrastructure that make our communities thrive.


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The Group

Designed by artist Marka27, these vibrant posters reflect the diversity of our students and are designed to encourage them to participate in the census.

Digital Only

Choose this option to access our digital toolkit and access downloads of all the posters, flyers, stickers, lesson plans, and more.


Order a poster for free and receive access to loads of materials that will inspire students and their families to fill out their census.


Help make sure EVERYONE in your community is counted by ordering a poster and incorporating the census in your school.


An accurate census is key to getting public schools the resources and programs they need to serve all students.


The 2020 Census helps determine where more than a trillion dollars in federal and state funding will go for the next decade.


The census happens once every 10 years and will help determine what kinds of resources students and educators receive for years to come.