Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aging School Kitchens Undermine Healthy Meal Preparation


By John Rosales It was food delivery day at Glen Landing Middle School in Blackwood, New Jersey, and the 42-year-old walk-in freezer went kaput. Again. “The food delivery we were supposed to receive that Thursday had to be delivered to another school,” says Marge Vallieu, a 22-year district employee, the last 17 as Glen Landing’s [...]

President Obama and First Lady Talk College Affordability at White House Summit

January 17, 2014 by twalker  
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By Mary Ellen Flannery The White House continued its efforts to make college more affordable and more accessible for all Americans, this week announcing commitments from more than 100 colleges and universities, plus millions of dollars from nonprofit groups and foundations, aimed at helping poor students get degrees. “We want to restore the essential promise [...]

Protecting ESPs Who Are Threatened for Refusing Unsafe Work


By John Rosales Removing mold from dozens of classrooms in a two-story building at Cherry Hill High School East in New Jersey was not the usual cleanup job for custodians. It was the type of hazardous work that goes beyond the training of most custodians. Plus, the school did not possess the proper safety equipment, [...]

Educator-Led Program Helps At-Risk Students Get to Graduation Day


By Cindy Long For anyone who still needs proof that giving teachers a voice raises student achievement, March Mountain Continuation High School is an excellent case study. In one year, the California school significantly increased graduation rates.  One of the reasons for their dramatic success:  they got “REAL” with staff-led committees that focus on Resources, [...]

Retired School Bus Driver’s Clothing Bank Helps Low-Income Students


By Angela Harvey During her years as a school bus driver, it upset Diane Formoso to see some children without coats or proper shoes shivering in the chilly morning air as they waited for her bus. She reached out to several of these students, buying them jackets, shoes, or Christmas presents. Her actions quickly grew [...]

Common Core’s Role in Building Global Competencies


By Edward Graham As schools and districts across the country begin to implement the Common Core State Standards, experts say that a focus on global learning must be a key component in the continued advancement of America’s public schools. “The Common Core is potentially a launching pad for developing global competence, and by the same [...]

Van Roekel: Education Support Professionals Keep Students Safe Every Day


By John Rosales Speaking to a group of educators attending the Safe School Summit in Northampton, Massachusetts, National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel noted the courage and quick-thinking of school support staff professionals like Charles Poland Jr., the Alabama school bus driver who stood off a gunman refusing his demands to turn over two young [...]

What’s Happening to Public Higher Education in the District of Columbia?

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By Mary Ellen Flannery Kelvin Page is just a year away from earning a bachelor’s degree in special education at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), and already he sees the program’s power. The ability to differentiate instruction, to meet students at their individual levels, to make gains, especially with students with autism: [...]

Bus Drivers Work to Strengthen Trespassing Laws on School Buses


By John Rosales Most trespass violations on a school bus are typically parents boarding the bus to check on their children. “Their intentions are harmless,” says Donna Nielsen, a school bus driver for 27 years. “But anyone entering a school bus can affect the safety of the students on board.” That’s why it is against [...]

The Common Core Doesn’t Cut Literature – It Complements It


By Cindy Long When it comes to fiction versus nonfiction, the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts isn’t “an either or thing,” says Marfè Ferguson Delano, a nonfiction children’s book writer whose books often connect her young readers to novels on the subjects she writes about. “They’re both page turners.” Delano [...]

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