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State Legislatures Underfunded Pensions

January 14, 2011 by khart  
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By Kevin Hart If Lady MacBeth were observing the current political discourse on public employee pensions, she might be inclined to quip that some elected officials seem to be protesting too much. As states grapple with unfunded pension liabilities, many elected officials are calling the plans unaffordable and relics of the past. Meanwhile, many of these same [...]

Educators Find Themselves Vilified by the States They Serve


by Felix Perez Teachers and education support professionals recently started a new semester that brought with it new students and ideas, lesson plans, schedules and all the other pieces that go into making a school year. Added to their plates, however, will be a serious and growing concern: the vilification in state after state of [...]

Long Days, Growing Challenges


By Kevin Hart There’s an old saying that a teacher’s work is never done — and a new poll on teacher work hours seems to prove it. While the average school day in America may last from 7-8 hours, the real work day for many teachers begins before the sun rises and ends well into the evening, as [...]

When Educators’ Pay Slashed, Long-term Economic Damage Follows

January 6, 2011 by cmccabe  
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By Ilana Kowarski and Cindy Long Educators across the country can tell you first-hand how lost jobs and slashed or stagnant wages have left them struggling to make ends meet. “I can’t afford to buy anything that isn’t a necessity,” says first-grade teacher Lysa Sassman, one of many California educators whose salary was cut. “Every [...]

States Slashing Educator Retirement Funds

November 29, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Alain Jehlen Age: 62. Total retirement fund: $95,000. Estimated retirement age: Pretty much never. That was the story for Sandy Gay, a teacher in West Virginia, after the state switched from a “defined benefit” retirement plan that would have given her $2,500 a month, and substituted a “defined contribution” plan that didn’t guarantee any [...]

NEA Urges Congressional Support for Paycheck Fairness for Women


By Mary Ellen Flannery You can tell that fourth-grader she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up – but chances are she’ll still get paid less than a boy. Even today, nearly 100 years after the first woman was elected to Congress and nearly 20 after the first flew into space, [...]

New Study: Merit Pay Does Not Boost Student Achievement


By Cynthia McCabe Yet again, researchers have determined that paying teachers a bonus based on student performance does not  improve the achievement of those students. A pay-for-performance study released by Vanderbilt University and the RAND Corporation followed nearly 300 Nashville Public Schools fifth- through eighth-grade teachers from 2007 to 2009. The result? No overall effect [...]

Seattle Teachers Defeat Effort to Tie Evaluations to Test Scores

September 2, 2010 by twalker  
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The Seattle Education Association (SEA) and Seattle Public Schools struck an agreement on a new contract Wednesday night, breaking a stalemate over the issue of teacher effectiveness. While the two sides agreed on a new, more sophisticated evaluation system, SEA succeeded in excluding key provisions of the district’s proposal to directly tie teacher evaluation and [...]

How Should Teachers Be Evaluated? Let’s Ask Teachers


By Kevin Hart Whether you’re chatting at the local barber shop or watching your favorite cable news program, everyone seems to have ideas about how teachers should be evaluated and paid. But one group that never seems to be asked for its opinion on this critical issue is the teachers themselves. It’s a damaging omission, [...]

NEA Campaigns to Strengthen Social Security

August 4, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Sara Robertson The National Education Association has joined a campaign to protect and strengthen Social Security, joining 60 national and state labor and other organizations, including the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, National Organization of Women, NAACP, SEIU, Alliance for Retired Americans, and Those groups came together last week at the National Press Club to celebrate the 75th [...]

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