Common Core Standards a Common Cause, Not Overreach

Efforts to block the Common Core standards are cropping up in state houses across the country. They are being fueled in part by tea party activists who frame the issue as one of improper federal intrusion into states’ responsibility for education. The standards don’t dictate curriculum; rather, they lay out the math, reading and writing skills that students should master from kindergarten through 12th grade. They are the product of a bipartisan effort that relied on research from experts and input from teachers. It was a transparent and much publicized endeavor. Source: Yakima Herald Republic

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  • Dr Ken Alston

    The issue of “common core” has validity BUT it must be seen as the “minimum required” and not as “that’s all that has to be done”. Common core curriculum is, or should be a “base line” but every school needs to be encouraged to raise their standards well above the base line. For instance, why should children in pre-school not be taught to read? The vast majority of children can learn to read at age 3 or 4 years, so why start later and even legislate for a later start (I’m aware this varies from country to country). The minimalism approach is a tragedy and it is the children who suffer as a result. Looking forward to reaction around the globe to a more open approach aimed at excellence in place of mediocrity.