Discovery Communications Cancels “Bad Teachers”

In response to teacher complaints, Investigation Discovery has cancelled the much-maligned program “Bad Teachers.” Here’s how the show was described in press materials:” The educators exposed in Investigation Discovery’s new, three-part series Bad Teachers had been beloved by students, looked up to by faculty peers, and trusted by parents. Little did anyone know that their extra-curricular activities crossed the line into Twisted chemistry, secret lust, shocking exploitation, and felony seduction.”

Steve Dembo of Discovery Education – which was not affiliated with the program – wrote on his blog:

We appreciate the support of the educational community for bringing this to our attention and
we are pleased to share that Discovery Communications has decided to immediately cancel this program, removing it from ID’s on-air and online schedule. At Discovery Education, we hold teachers and the teaching profession in the highest regard. We remain committed to supporting educators around the world in their tireless efforts to enhance the culture of learning for every child, every day.

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