Duncan Calls for More Black and Hispanic Male Teachers

U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called for more diversity in the teaching profession, saying that “nearly 35% of our students in this country are Black or Hispanic, but less than 2% of our nation’s teachers are Black or Hispanic men.” Source. ed.gov

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  • Benjamin

    One wonders why he simply called for more black and hispanic male teachers. Don’t we need more male teachers in general ? Aren’t the vast majority of elementary and middle school teachers female ? If diversity were so important, we would require 51 % male teachers overall. Demographics tells us that students in these grades are 51 % male. Make a stand Mr. Duncan and really show support for diversity — even if it may offend feminists.

  • Lenora Mixon

    I think he said it very well. We need more Black and Hispanic teachers in public education! In high schools and middle schools (my experience), there are almost NONE! Most of the disciplinary problems come from students who don’t have access to Black or Hispanic male teacher mentoring. Men have a tendency to handle problems differently than females and that difference is what is sorely lacking in public education. This problem will continue until the teaching profession is on par in both salary and retirement benefits that other professionals enjoy.

  • Elizabeth Burns

    I agree with the second comment that we do need more Black and Hispanic teachers and more Asian teachers in high-middle and elementary schools. My experience there are very few to none and students should have access to male teacher mentors who looks like them and understands some of the disciplinary issues/problems they encounter daily. It has always been more of a female profession than males—with males being in leadership positions rather than in the classroom. With the diversity of students being taught today, there needs to be a diversity of teachers and administrators as well in this profession.

  • Olga Flores-Peruchini

    What is going to happens with the bulling that we as Native Spanish Speakers are expose to by principal, destroying the teachers ability to work in the field by giving then bad reviews just because they don’t like them only because they are Hispanics? Is somebody going to help us? A bad review given by that principal put that teacher in a very difficult situation and can not get a certification.
    We give criminals the right to defend themselves but a teacher can not. We give others a second chance, teachers don’t have any….