School-To-Prison Pipeline Starts Even Before Kindergarten

Tunette Powell write that her two preschool-aged sons have been suspended from schools a total of eight times, and she wonders if these suspensions might be the result of unintentional biases against black students. “The problem is not that we have a bunch of racist teachers and administrators. I believe most educators want to help all children. But many aren’t aware of the biases and prejudices that they, like all of us, harbor, and our current system offers very little diversity training to preschool staff,” wrote Powell. Powell’s essay was grounded in personal experience, but also draws from U.S. Department of Education data. Source: The Huffington Post

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  • Andre

    Children don’t play with their peers at an early age, they are carted around with family. When children play they establish norms of consideration and respect for space. These are traits that should be developed before they enter the formal education centers. As a result, teaching institutions are trying to teach and discipline simultaneously at the formative years and many children haven’t learned how to be students.

  • Frank Luke

    Discrimination is a term that is often used to avoid being penalized for misbehavior. That is often the last resort for someone who wants to avoid facing the consequences of his/her chronic classroom socializing. Teachers do not need any training whatsoever in the matter. “Teacher Training” is beneficial to the “Trainers”. It does not help teachers or students. We need to wake up to this truth or else it will continue sapping the strength of our teaching-educators.