What State Leads the Nation in Teacher Respect?

Residents living in several states in the West and Midwest lead the nation in saying teachers in their communities are well-respected. Nevadans and Louisianans are among the least likely to say this about their local teachers — slightly more than six in 10 residents in each state say their teachers are well-respected. The top ten states that respect their teachers the most are Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana, Alaska, Kansas, South Dakota, Maine, and Minnesota.

According to Gallup, who conducted the survey, “eight of the states where residents are most likely to say teachers are well-respected also topped the lists of states in which residents say public school quality is excellent or good and students are well-prepared for workplace success. North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, and Kansas have strong economies with some of the lowest unemployment rates nationwide, which may help fuel a sense of optimism in local communities about their schools and teachers. Wyoming, Alaska, and Maine are near the top of the list of states in terms of per pupil expenditures for students in public elementary and secondary education, which may be reflected in the high respect rankings.”

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