NEA Micro-credential Virtual Professional Learning Communities

Looking for ways to continue your professional growth while working from home? Consider earning a micro-credential!

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows an educator to demonstrate mastery in a particular area.

NEA will be providing members an opportunity to participate in a virtual Professional Learning Community (PLC) to support successful completion of a NEA Micro-credential from start to finish. Educators who participate in a PLC to complete a micro-credential are more likely to earn their badge the first time.

The virtual PLC will be facilitated by a trained micro-credential facilitator and consist of weekly support meetings via Zoom. PLCs will start during the week of July 13 and end by August 31. PLCs will meet on the day indicated below, anytime from 3-9pm EST for 30-60 mins. Facilitators will reach out to participants with exact dates and times. Members may register for more than 1 PLC.

Choose one of the following PLCs and register by June 26:

  • Exploring Restorative Practices: Educators will explore restorative practices to strengthen relationships and build a community where harm can be addressed and repaired. PLC will meet on Monday afternoon/evenings.
  • Technology for Educational Leaders: Curating Content: Educators will use a variety of curation tools to collect meaningful content for their students. PLC will meet on Tuesday afternoon/evenings.
  • Technology Integration: Citizen: Educators will inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world. PLC will meet on Wednesday afternoon/evenings.
  • Teaching the Teacher: The Importance of Continuous Learning: Educators will demonstrate the impact of continuous professional development and its application on their own teaching practice and student success. PLC will meet on Thursday afternoon/evenings.

Register for a Micro-credential PLC by June 26 here.

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