Using Technology In the Classroom

Technology has evolved greatly since I started teaching 31 years ago. Slowly but surely, I have seen technology integrate into the classroom and become a driving force for educational growth.

If your school has funds for new technology, here are some pieces I have found most useful in my classroom:

SMART boards

Out with the old chalkboards and in with the new interactive whiteboards. SMART boards combine what we love most about whiteboards and computers individually and creates a smart, efficient space for teaching, learning and collaborating.

technology class.

SMART boards benefit student engagement, learner motivation and knowledge retention. They help classrooms become fully interactive and keep the attention span of students. Last but not least, the variability of use gives the flexibility teachers need to keep a constantly updated and relevant lesson plan.


With technology becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, the introduction of tablets in classrooms has sky rocketted. These little computers can bring an entirely new dimension to the students’ learning experience. Whether it be through an app, an online textbook, or a website, the personal approach these tools can bring to students allows for customized, more effective ways of teaching.

Doc Cam

Today’s upgraded projectors give teachers more freedom when it comes to presenting to the class. One can easily go from showing the correct answers to a homework assignment to projecting a geometric shape. Without the constraint of only being able to use blank sheets of paper and messy transparencies, the doc cam makes going from 2D presentations to 3D presentations a breeze.

It’s not just for teachers either. Students can use this tool to present work to the class, and in turn there is more student engagement. This technology also allows for image capture which can be a great tool for both teaching and studying. 

Online Tools

I am very specific about the online tools that I choose to bring into the classroom. With the right platform, learning can be more enjoyable for teachers and their students.

PebbleGo and BrainPop are my favorite online tools for young students because of their ease of use and naturally engaging content. However, there is a massive library of online educational tools that have proven to be extremely helpful in students educational growth.

I enjoy seeing students get excited about learning and these online tools do just that. Not only are they helping students learn in a fun, engaging way, they are fostering a love of learning.

Students today are extremely tech-savvy and have an innate sense of understanding when it comes to technology. Coupled with the abundance of educational tools that are available today to educators, having tech in the classroom makes sense. With the right technology, educators and students can thrive, and the educational experience can become more exciting and efficient.