Using Meditation to Mitigate Stress

For educators, the list of stress and anxiety-inducing triggers is endless. Here's how meditation can help.   READ MORE »

Teaching the Children of the Opioid Crisis

As more families struggle with opioid addiction, educators face the terrible trickle-down effects on students.   READ MORE »



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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

The Day Tens Of Thousands Of Teachers Took Los Angeles
Decked out in rain boots, ponchos and umbrellas, tens of thousands of teachers took to the streets of Los Angeles on Monday in a fight for the future of the city’s schools. Source: Huffington Post
Arizona Risks Failing its Students in Trying to Limit Teachers’ Speech
A proposed law in Arizona would completely limit the ability of Arizona schoolteachers to talk about politics and other “controversial issues” in schools. Schools can be political without being partisan. Source: The Hechinger Report

Cheers and Jeers: The Best and Worst of 2018 in Public Education

2018 saw a historic mobilization by educators and big wins on election night. But the usual suspects made sure the news wasn't all good.   READ MORE »