Hygge: The Classroom Design Word That Means Calm

The first day of school is still a way off, so it's not too late to think about a new classroom design that can help put your students at ease the minute they walk through the door.   READ MORE »

The High Cost of Education Budget Cuts

What happens when lawmakers opt for tax cuts over education investments? Students across the nation pay a very steep price.   READ MORE »



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Are You Doing Recess Right?
While there’s little doubt that children get exercise on the playground, schools often underestimate the social, emotional, and academic potential of playtime and fail to design recess to optimize those benefits. Source: Edutopia
8 Ways to Prevent Chronic Absenteeism
While it may seem like common sense that students have to be in school to learn, chronic absenteeism persists in K-12 schools, impacting as many as 7.5 million children a year. Source: Education Dive

2018 Teacher of the Year: Our Students Give Us Hope

"We are creating confident, strong citizens, who are collaborative, compassionate, and powerful," Mandy Manning tells delegates.   READ MORE »