Is Progress in Reducing School Suspensions in Jeopardy?

Most of the nation’s largest school districts are actively trying to reduce out-of-school suspensions, but a reversal of Obama-era guidelines could be coming in 2018.

NEA and Girl Scouts Launch New Partnership

NEA and the Girls Scouts of the USA are teaming up to promote civics education.



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Screen Time: Mental Health Menace or Scapegoat?
In a new book, a professor of psychology argues that those born after 1995 are on the "brink of a mental-health crisis" -- and she believes it can be linked to growing up with their noses pressed against a screen. Source: CNN
With Just 3 Students, Small-Town High School Closing Down
With just three students left attending high school in a Vermont high school junior Kimberly Taylor moves from one empty classroom to the next, taking mostly online classes or studying alone. Source: ABC News

‘The Newcomers’: Refugee Students’ First Year in a U.S. Classroom

A new book tells the powerful story about 22 students from around the world and their determination to find a place in their new home - and the educators who help them on their journey.