The School Me blog series is a collection of blogs written by NEA members and experienced educators with advice and tips on how to thrive in your first few years as an educator.

Managing Disruptive Students

By Cheryl Martin
Misbehavior is inevitable and distracts others' learning experience. Learn how to prevent, manage, and address disruption.
Talking about cheating and giving students a voice in the process empowers them to fully consider and comprehend the potential consequences. Students can understand not only what will happen if they cheat, but why they shouldn’t, and how it hurts themselves and others.
As an elementary music teacher, Ms. Keast is constantly using games to teach her students music principals in an engaging way. These games, however, don’t need to be limited to just the music room.

Building Student Confidence

By Java Robinson
Confident students are more likely to speak in class, ask for help when needed. They absorb material faster and are more excited to learn.
Whether it’s because of a behavioral issue or academic challenge, looking to parents for partnership and council is crucial in solving problems in your classroom.