The School Me blog series is a collection of blogs written by NEA members and experienced educators with advice and tips on how to thrive in your first few years as an educator.

How to Approach Bullying

By Charles Burt
As educators, it's our responsibility not just to teach from the textbook, but to address situations such as bullying and change the way our students see the world.
With the right technology, educators and students can thrive, and the educational experience can become more exciting and efficient.
In life, we don’t always get to choose who we work with, so neither do my students.
Encourage intellectual risk-taking in your classroom because without risk, students don’t imagine, they don’t create, and they don’t grow.
The veteran educators  around you have so much knowledge and advice to offer, but it’s easy to forget that advice isn’t “one size fits all.”
While taking risks and responsibilities is integral to career development, managing yourself and your time is just as crucial. All educators are susceptible to burnout.