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U.S. Competitiveness Undermined By Cuts in Higher Education

May 11, 2012 by twalker  
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By Mary Ellen Flannery When state and federal lawmakers invest in public higher education, it pays off— not just for those college degree-earning students, who will earn much more money over their lifetimes, but also for their country, which will enjoy billions of dollars in additional revenues, concludes a recent report. Unfortunately, the United States [...]

Biden and Duncan Talk College Affordability at Ohio High School


By Mary Ellen Flannery In Ohio, where Vice President Joe Biden visited a high school on Thursday to promote the issue of college affordability, more than two-thirds of college students borrow money to pay for their education. Last year, thanks to rapidly rising tuition costs, each owed an average $27,000-plus upon graduation—a record-setting, dream-shattering level [...]