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NEA’s Litigation Against Anti-Worker Laws Showing Results

December 15, 2011 by twalker  
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By Michael D. Simpson, NEA Office of General Counsel NEA and its state affiliates have filed a flurry of lawsuits challenging a wide range of anti-union and anti-worker state laws enacted recently. Some preliminary results are in, and while all of these lawsuits are still pending, NEA’s batting about .660 so far. Arizona — On the plus [...]

Laptops Are Not Teachers


By Tim Walker The third bill of Idaho schools Superintendent Tom Luna’s education reform plan is headed for final passage. The bill allocates new spending on laptop computers for high school students across the state. New technology in the classroom – what could be wrong with that? In Idaho’s case, almost everything. Luna’s plan isn’t [...]

Idaho Educators and Parents Help Put the Brakes on the Luna Plan


by Tim Walker When Idaho School State Superintendent Tom Luna unveiled his education proposals last month, educators and parents sprang into action to oppose what was clearly one of the most destructive and ill-conceived “reform” packages in the country.  Thanks to a relentless grassroots effort, the Senate Education Committee agreed last Thursday to send the [...]