Thursday, October 23, 2014

Laptops Are Not Teachers


By Tim Walker The third bill of Idaho schools Superintendent Tom Luna’s education reform plan is headed for final passage. The bill allocates new spending on laptop computers for high school students across the state. New technology in the classroom – what could be wrong with that? In Idaho’s case, almost everything. Luna’s plan isn’t [...]

“This is the Beginning” – Wisconsin Workers Still Galvanized

March 12, 2011 by twalker  
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By Tim Walker Nancy Winters, a veteran Wisconsin public school teacher, doesn’t want her state to go back. She remembers what it was like when Wisconsin didn’t have collective bargaining – a time of discord, distrust, and little cooperative progress. “I’m afraid Wisconsin is going to return to those kinds of days,” says Winters. “I [...]

But Will They Vote in 2012?

March 1, 2011 by twalker  
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By Meredith Barnett Of the tens of thousands who have been rallying for workers rights in cities and towns across the country, high school students have been among the most vocal groups. In Wisconsin and Idaho especially, teenagers are joining their parents and teachers in large-scale protests against legislation that they believe will jeopardize their [...]

Largest Crowd Yet: 80,000 Rally in Wisconsin

February 27, 2011 by twalker  
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by Tim Walker and Cynthia McCabe In one of the biggest rallies in Madison since the Vietnam War, up to 80,000 Wisconsin workers and their supporters, waving off freezing, snowy weather, marched into Capitol Square on Saturday. The rally the weekend before was huge – 55,000 plus – but this one surpassed it, sending a [...]

“America Cannot Have a Middle Class Without Unions”


By Dennis Van Roekel National Education Association President True fiscal leadership requires creative solutions grounded in the most important needs of the community. So faced with crippling budget deficits, fiscally responsible governors should focus on reforms that create jobs and a long-term agenda for moving their states forward. All of this sounds plausible enough. But [...]

Wisconsin Educators Stand Firm, Fight For Workers’ Rights Goes National

February 20, 2011 by twalker  
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by Tim Walker As the historic protest in Madison stretched into it its sixth day, educators and public employees have succeeded in exposing the true intent behind Gov. Scott Walker’s so-called “budget” proposals: an all-out attack on the right of state workers to have a voice in their profession. State employees have already signaled their [...]