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Senate Votes to Save 161,000 Educators’ Jobs

August 5, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Cynthia McCabe, Miguel Gonzalez and Collin Berglund The U.S. Senate today approved much-needed funding that will save an estimated 161,000 educator jobs nationwide. By the hundreds of thousands, NEA members spent the past five months contacting Congress, tallying nearly 400,000 calls and emails in the days leading up to the crucial vote. Joining them [...]

Senate Hearing From Thousands of Public Ed Supporters

July 30, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Cynthia McCabe After months of build-up, it’s finally here. The Senate is scheduled to vote today on education jobs funding and thousands of public education supporters nationwide are jamming U.S. Senate phone lines and email systems to demand that legislators save 135,000 educator jobs. Roughly $10 billion in funding for those jobs is included in H.R. [...]

Ravitch Blasts So-Called ‘Reforms’


By Alain Jehlen NEA Friend of Education award winner Diane Ravitch electrified the Representative Assembly Tuesday with an impassioned call for the defense of public education and the teaching profession. “The current ‘education reform’ movement is pushing bad ideas,” she said. “It wants to end tenure and seniority, to silence teachers’ unions, to privatize large [...]

No Breakthroughs at Health Care Summit

March 25, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Tim Walker President Obama hosted a bipartisan health care summit today to loosen the logjam in Congress that has held up passage of comprehensive health care reform. For more than seven hours, the president, members of his cabinet, and about 40 members of the House and Senate sparred over costs containment, insurance reforms, deficit [...]