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Beware Pro-Charter School “Parent” Groups

May 19, 2011 by ajehlen  
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By Alain Jehlen Parents are among the strongest supporters of public education. So attacks by groups claiming to represent parents are particularly painful for public educators. After all, nobody becomes a parent or an educator in order to get rich. But sometimes a group that claims to represent parents actually has anti-public school activists in [...]

Educators to Policymakers: Please Step Into My Classroom


By Kevin Hart During this evening’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama is expected to lay out a series of initiatives designed to make the United States more competitive, including a focus on improving public education. America’s educators are eager to contribute their ideas to the cause. As part of the “Please Step [...]

Report: Teacher-Led Reform Helping in California


By Amy Buffenbarger A new report out today finds a 50 percent better academic growth rate at nearly 500 California schools, and all of it is the result of successful union-led reforms put in place as the result of a lawsuit by the California Teachers Association against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. In August 2005, the California [...]