Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boosting Parent Involvement in Schools


By Cindy Long Few teachers would deny that successful partnerships with parents are critical to student achievement and are key in transforming public schools into true communities. But engaging parents can be a formidable challenge, especially for newer educators. Anne T. Henderson is a Senior Consultant with the Annenberg Institute for School Reform and based [...]

Breaking Barriers to Black Student Achievement


By Lance Fuller Three high-profile research studies released in 2010 documented the academic struggles of  Black youth. According to these reports, less than half of Black male students graduate from high school on time (although many eventually complete a GED) and are three times more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than their [...]

International Summit Puts Best Reform Ideas on the Table


By Tim Walker High-performing countries have strong unions. They also support teachers and engage them in the reform process. Many right-wing politicians in the United States may want to ignore these facts, but in Finland, Canada, Singapore, and other nations, collaboration with teacher unions has been a keystone in their successful efforts to improve student achievement [...]

Chicago Study Throws Cold Water on Merit Pay

June 14, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Colin Berglund A merit pay pilot program for teachers that began in Chicago schools in 2006 has had no effect on student achievement, according to a Mathematica Policy Research report released this month. According to the study, merit pay did not improve student standardized test scores or teacher retention – two main goals of [...]

Florida Teacher’s Essay Becomes Rallying Cry for Respect


By Cynthia McCabe When people were attacking her and her fellow dedicated public school teachers, Florida fourth-grade teacher Jamee Miller got mad. And then she got to typing. The result? An essay called “I Am a Teacher” which caught fire in recent weeks on Facebook and blogs as supporters of teachers attacked by budget-slashing lawmakers and [...]

Finding the Best Road to School Reform

March 4, 2010 by cmccabe  
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By Cynthia McCabe March 4, 2010 – It grabbed headlines around the country: Seventy two teachers and staffers at Central Falls High in Rhode Island fired by the school board at the superintendent’s behest, for reasons many would argue were beyond their control. Now imagine a different headline capturing national attention: Teachers, school board and [...]