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Three ‘Reforms’ That Are Deprofessionalizing Teaching

March 6, 2013 by twalker  
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By Tim Walker According to the 2012 PDK/Gallup survey, the American public believes the teaching profession should impose entrance requirements that are just as selective, if not more so, than those required in fields such as business, pre-law, and engineering. In other words, treat teachers like true professionals – as they are in nations that [...]

Grading Teacher Effectiveness Strategies

December 5, 2011 by twalker  
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By Tim Walker As more state legislatures across the nation pass laws requiring teacher evaluations, the debate over what to actually do with the data is heating up. Many districts are using these evaluations – many based on narrow, value-added data – to label teachers “ineffective” and subsequently remove them from the classroom. Scrutiny of [...]

Leading Economist: Gates Value-Added Research Deeply Flawed, Ignores Its Own Data

January 13, 2011 by khart  
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By Kevin Hart One of the country’s leading economists is warning that a Gates Foundation study on value-added teacher evaluation not only fails to meet key academic standards, but that it dangerously misinterprets its own data. Last month, the Gates Foundation released the first report of the Measures of Effective Teaching project, and the report [...]