Report: Experienced Teachers Key to Students Beating the Odds

What's the common factor among black, Hispanic, and white students who achieve higher than expected? An experienced teacher.   READ MORE »

Plight of the Poor Takes Center Stage at National Forum

2020 Presidential hopefuls and educators address poverty and systemic racism at the Poor People’s Campaign forum.   READ MORE »



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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

The Citizenship Question Poses ‘Dire Consequences’ for Education Equity
A Supreme Court decision to uphold the Trump Administration’s addition of a question about U.S. citizenship to the U.S. Census would roll back the efforts of countless nonprofit and philanthropic organizations that are dedicated to fighting racism and sexism and discrimination. Source: EdSurge
Six Steps Toward Fair and Accurate Grading
An educator shares strategies for making grading fairer, including establishing clear criteria for graded work, reconsidering assigning zeroes and considering using weighted grade categories. Source: MiddleWeb

How Restorative Practices Work for Students and Educators

Take a look at what happens in public schools where educators care more about creating a community built upon kindness, not consequences.   READ MORE »