Too Sick for School: Hospital Teachers Keep Kids Learning

"What we want is to normalize their experience, and give them the opportunity to learn, play, and cope with their medical condition."

Survey: Americans’ Confidence in Public Schools Is Growing

A new poll suggests the gap between how people view their neighborhood schools and how they view public schools nationally may be narrowing.



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Schools Must Collaborate with Students to Spread Civility
Most efforts to prevent bullying have failed in recent years because of an inaccurate understanding of the nature of bullying, says Nancy Willard, director of Embrace Civility in the Digital Age. Source: District Administration
Common Core Used Widely, Despite Continuing Debate
Most of the states that first endorsed the Common Core academic standards are still using them in some form, despite continued debate over whether they are improving student performance in reading and math. Source: Associated Press
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Who’s Looking Out for Rural Schools?

Rural schools - and the 9 million students they serve - stand to lose big from the Trump-DeVos privatization agenda.