How NEA is Working to Diversify Wall Street

With women and minorities so underrepresented in the financial industry, NEA is working with its pension consultant to open doors for non-white money managers.    READ MORE »

Creating Opportunities for Students Through Community Coalition-Building

The efforts by educators in Illinois to connect with community members and collaborate on solutions are paying off for their students.   READ MORE »



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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

82% of Teachers Believe Tech Enhances Learning
A new survey of 1,000 teachers with at least five years of classroom experience found that 82% believe tech enhances learning, but that 70% also face "persistent" disruptions due to smartphones. Source: EducationDive
Separating Kids From Their Parents Can Lead To Long-Term Health Problems
Researchers suggest the children taken from their parents by immigration officials, and others who have spent time in those detention facilities, may have increased long-term health care needs. That's because the stress of being separated from a parent can also cause lasting physical harm to children. Source: National Public Radio

The Power of Play in Kindergarten

Too many classrooms are sacrificing the discovery and critical thinking skills that arise through play in favor of academics. Educators say it is time to bring more play back to kindergarten.   READ MORE »