NEA and Girl Scouts Launch New Partnership

NEA and the Girls Scouts of the USA are teaming up to promote civics education.

Teacher Burnout or Demoralization? What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

The root cause of teacher dissatisfaction may have more to do with how the profession has been degraded and less on a perceived inability to handle the pressures of the job.



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The Students Who Don’t Believe College Is an Option
Overshadowed by attention to the challenges faced by nonwhite high-school graduates in cities, low-income black, Hispanic, and Native American students in rural areas are  equally unlikely to go on to college. Source: The Atlantic
Social Media and Authentic Learning
A New Jersey teacher says educators need to try to keep interactions with students more relevant, a goal she tries to achieve through the use of social media in the classroom. Source: SmartBrief on Education

Educators Strike Big Blow to Overuse of Standardized Testing in 2017

The campaign to end the high-stakes testing madness and bring real teaching and learning back to the classroom continues to gather momentum.