‘We, As a Country, Need to Do More to End These Senseless Shootings’ Says NEA President

In the deadliest shooting since Sandy Hook, a gunman killed 17 and injured 16 others at a Broward County high school.   READ MORE »

Lawmakers Create Havoc With Class Size Law, Hit Wall of Opposition

Smaller class sizes are worth fighting for - but not if they are imposed by unfunded mandates that trigger teacher layoffs and unleash general chaos across school districts.   READ MORE »



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Teacher Professional Development Should Get Personal
Personalized learning for students has long been a priority, and now, many school districts across the country are exploring more personalized approaches to professional learning for teachers. Source: Education Dive
Teaching Teens About Love, Consent and Emotional Intelligence
A Harvard survey reveals that teens want more clear guidance about love and romantic relationships from their parents and teachers. Source: KQED MindShift

Lawmakers Strip Climate Change From K-12 Standards

Idaho stands alone as the only state in the nation to utterly erase the established science of climate change from its classroom guidelines.   READ MORE »