Teacher Pay Penalty Driving Educators Away From Profession

Low pay and other factors are making it harder to recruit and retain good teachers, and students and communities are paying the price.

High-Achieving, Low-Income Students Excluded From Gifted Classes, Investigation Finds

Journalists discover that just one out of three low-income students in North Carolina with superior math scores are labeled gifted by educators.



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The Power of Inclusive Sex Education
LGBTQ students say they need programming that speaks to them, and some school districts are finding ways to deliver. Source: The Atlantic
Obstacles Persist for Hitting 90% Grad Rate by 2020
Despite the national graduation rate's growth to 83.2%, there are a number of factors could prevent the U.S. from hitting its goal of 90% by 2020. Just half of states are likely to hit that milestone. Source: ESchool News
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Tips, articles, and classroom resources for new educators like you
The posters are hung. The rosters are printed. The lessons are made. The classroom is ready for the school year. Are you?
Experienced teachers will discuss the overview of the first week and provide tips from the trenches to help you be successful!

‘We Must All Stand Together’: NEA Honors Top Educators

NEA Representative Assembly celebrates 2017 Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee and 2017 Education Support Professional of the Year Saul Ramos.