Neighborhood Public Schools Forced to Give Up Space to Charter Schools

Refusing to stand by as their schools lose libraries, arts and music rooms, and computer labs, educators and parents are fighting back.   READ MORE »

Immersion Programs Teach Much More Than Another Language

NEA Foundation Horace Mann Award recipient talks about the wide-ranging benefits language immersion programs bring to all students.   READ MORE »



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States Plan to Spend More in Fiscal 2020
The latest Fiscal Survey of States found 47 states proposing small spending increases for fiscal year 2020, totaling $915.9 billion in general fund spending nationwide – a nearly 10% growth from fiscal 2018's $834.3 billion. Source: U.S. News and World Report
DeVos, Unions Drive Democratic Candidates to Back Away from Charter Schools
Ten years after President Barack Obama called on lawmakers to remove limits on them, charter schools have increasingly fallen out of favor with the current crop of presidential candidates. Source: NBC News

Union Stands Behind Counselor Punished For Advocating For Students

"When members are bullied or threatened, it has a chilling effect on their ability to speak up for themselves, each other, and their students."   READ MORE »