Are Educators Also Police Officers? It’s Up to the Supreme Court

+-*The outcome in Ohio v Clark could damage the bonds of trust and communication between students and educators.   READ MORE »

States Look to Throw Open School Doors to Concealed Weapons

+-*Will anyone with a concealed-weapon permit soon have the right to carry guns in schools? Not if educators and parents have anything to say about it.   READ MORE »


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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

Report: Big Education Firms Spend Millions Lobbying for Pro-Testing Policies
The four corporations that dominate the U.S. standardized testing market spend millions of dollars lobbying state and federal officials — as well as sometimes hiring them — to persuade them to favor policies that include mandated student assessments. Source: The Washington Post/The Answer Sheet
Top 10 Silly laws About Education
In West Virginia, children may not attend school if their breath smells of “wild onions” and in Arkansas, teachers with a bob in their hair may forfeit pay raises. What are some of the other bizarre education laws still on the books?  Source: Education Votes

The ‘Moral Value’ of Teaching: The Missing Link in Teacher Preparation?

+-*A stronger understanding of the moral value of their work can help new educators adjust in a political climate that devalues their profession, argues expert.   READ MORE »