The Heat is On: Educators, Students Forced to Deal With Sweltering Classrooms

As temperatures rise and classrooms get hotter, the lack of air conditioning in many schools is creating unsafe and unproductive learning environments.   READ MORE »

How Exclusionary Discipline Creates Disconnected Students

Most students want to be engaged in school, but severe disciplinary policies disrupt learning and make them feel undervalued, unwelcome and misunderstood, according to a new study.   READ MORE »



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Parents Fear for Kids’ Safety in Schools Increases
Amid a national debate over how to best prevent campus shootings, 1 in 3 U.S. parents fears for their child's safety while at school – the highest level of concern in two decades, according to a new national poll. Source: U.S. news and World Report
How Personal Is ‘Personalized’ Learning?
Early studies of how well personalized learning systems are serving students have yielded mixed results. Experts gathered in Los Angeles recently to discuss the pros and cons of this increasingly popular but controversial trend. Source: Education Writers Association

Educators Advocate and Organize For Big Wins!

Whether it was fighting overtesting or school takeovers, educators across the nation have stood up, spoke out, and scored victories.   READ MORE »