Caught in Limbo, Aspiring Educators Ask for Flexibility

Their required student-teacher placements were cut short by the coronavirus pandemic. So how do they get licensed to teach?   READ MORE »

Educators Continue Census Outreach, Despite COVID-19

(Image by Marka 27 for NEA’s 2020 census campaign) Music teacher Yolanda Calderón had just five minutes on Monday to   READ MORE »



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Jill Biden and Leading Teachers: How to Keep Learning Going
A strong partnership between teachers, parents and students is always the best way for children to learn, and that's truer today than ever. Still, learning is uneven. Jill Biden, NEA President Lily Eskelsen García and AFT President Randi Weingarten offer additional ideas on how to support learners. Source: CNN
The New Reading Wars

2020 ESP of the Year Offers Guidance, Advocacy During Crisis

"We are critical in helping the students and families we serve get through this crisis," says special education paraprofessional Andrea Beeman.   READ MORE »