What Does a Global Arts Classroom Look Like?

By integrating global competencies into her classroom, an arts teacher helps her students understand that they are citizens of more than their town, region and country.    READ MORE »

Embracing Brown v. Board: 65 Years and Counting

65 years after 'Brown v. Board' became the law of the land we still struggle to fulfill its promise.   READ MORE »



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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

Ignitin Intrinsic Motivation In Students
Why aren’t all teachers ensuring every lesson plan engages students’ interests?  Experts identify four elements help students develop intrinsic motivation for learning: choice, challenge, autonomy and collaboration. Source: KQED MindShift
Teacher Training Falls Short for English-Learners and Students With IEPs
Many English-learners and students with disabilities spend lots of time in general education classes, but teachers lack training in how to meet their needs. Source: Education Week

“If We Don’t Do Something, It’s Never Going to Change”

NEA president joins panel to assess how the wave of educator activism that began one year ago is changing the debate over public education.   READ MORE »