With Pandemic, Privatization Advocates Smell a Big Opportunity

When asked this past week if she was using the crisis to push private school vouchers, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos replied, "Absolutely."   READ MORE »

Kansas Preschool Teacher Is the 2020 National Teacher of the Year

Preschool teacher Tabatha Rosproy, a Kansas-NEA member, is the first early childhood educator to win the honor.   READ MORE »



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The Unsung Heroes Keeping Students and Families Fed
When schools closed in March, their food service staff were trying to figure out how they would prepare and provide meals to thousands of students in their district who depend on them each day. The moment required creativity, committed workers and swift action. Source: EdSurge
Ed Tech Company Claims of Success Under Scrutiny
Research boosting education technology's success may comfort educators and parents looking for ways to mitigate the devastating effects of lost learning time because of the coronavirus. But they are all misleading. Source: The Hechinger Report

NEA President: Our Students Must Not Pay The Price For This Crisis

Looking ahead to the new school year, educators and parents join forces to make sure students get what they need to stay safe and to succeed.   READ MORE »