Vaping in Schools: 3 Million Students and Counting

While federal officials mull over their options, educators are on the front lines of efforts to curb students’ e-cigarette use.   READ MORE »

5 Things We Learned From Election 2018

As educators look ahead to the next two years and the 2020 presidential election, here are some of the midterm’s key issues, trends, and takeaways.   READ MORE »



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Why the Arts are Good for Young Children
Early exposure to the arts is key, researchers say — and may be especially crucial for children with the greatest needs — because students’ participation has been associated with higher achievement. Source: Education Dive
Combining Education and Technology is Great—Until it’s Not
In the midst of all the excitement, there’s little strong evidence that classroom technology, including personalized learning, is improving educational outcomes. Just ask AltSchool teacher Paul France. Source: The Atlantic

The Bittersweet Experience of Teaching Overseas

Educators who make the decision to teach overseas learn to live to with the challenges along with the many rewards.   READ MORE »