Educators Reinvigorate Organizing and Activism With Art Build

What happens when CA teachers invite the community to help them create protest art for a rally (and potential strike)? The community comes out in force.   READ MORE »

HBCUs as Engines of Upward Mobility

Low-income students at minority-serving institutions are more likely to climb the economic ladder than peers who chose a predominantly white institution, according to study.   READ MORE »



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Parents Are Biased Against Even Quality ‘Urban’ Schools
The nation's urban schools have improved significantly, but middle-class, white parents tend to make assumptions otherwise—and research suggests that those assumptions are the result of racial biases. Source: The Atlantic
Kids Shouldn’t Have to Sacrifice Privacy for Education
For many American children, going to school means handing over personal data, increasing parent concerns that it is being illegitimately shared. But laws in the United States offer students very little digital privacy or security protection against the wiles of technology companies. Source: The New York Times

The Case for Collaboration is Clear

The evidence is in: When unions, district officials, school boards, parents and community members work together, students succeed.   READ MORE »