How ESSA is Helping One School District Recruit Great Teachers

Clark County educators used funds available through the Every Student Succeeds Act to bring highly effective teachers to high-needs schools.

As Need for Foreign Languages in School Grows, Access Continues to Shrink

Employers want workers who can speak another language, but lack of support at the K12 level has led to declining levels of proficiency among adults.



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How Gaming Connects to SEL and Career Readiness
Leveraging your students’ interests in gaming can build social and emotional learning—skills that will be valuable in their future jobs. Source: Edutopia
How Teachers Learn to Discuss Racism
Increasingly, the job of equipping teachers to talk about race and racism has fallen to urban-education programs—a special category of teacher preparation that is reimagining how teaching candidates are prepared and disrupting the race and class stereotypes surrounding urban students and communities. Source: The Atlantic
for New Educators
Tips, articles, and classroom resources for new educators like you
Entering the classroom as a new educator can be overwhelming. There’s district paperwork, lesson planning, assessments, meetings...the list can go on and on.
The school year started off great, but now your class is en route to the island of chaos. How can you get your classroom management back on track?

Who Stands Between Fake News and Students? Educators

"Digital natives" may be able to dart effortlessly between social media channels, but they need help evaluating the information they find there - and fast.