The High Cost of Random Student Searches

They may be legal, but these searches may be contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline. Restorative justice is the better option for schools.

Preparing the Next Generation of Educators for Leadership

Public education needs early career educators to begin advocating for their profession and their students. An NEA program is helping them find their voice.



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For Students with Disabilities, Quality of Education can Depend on Zip Code
While IDEA says students with disabilities should learn in the least restrictive environment ― meaning with non-disabled peers ― parents still often find themselves fighting hard, expensive battles for their child to be included. Source: The Hechinger Report
No Longer Homeless, but Still Struggling in School

Formerly homeless students continue to struggle in school for years, scoring as poorly on New York state tests as their peers with no place to live, according to a study released on Monday. Source: The New York Times

From Policy to Plate: Healthy School Meals Start With Us

If your district is thinking about making the switch to healthy school meals, consider these steps.