Clever, Funny, and Fiery: The Best of #RedforEd Protest Signs

Never underestimate the power of an educator, a Sharpie, and some poster board.   READ MORE »

Labor Movement Comes Back Big After ‘Janus’

Led by NEA members, unions aren't just fighting back. They're growing.   READ MORE »



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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

Toxic Stress and Students
In a new report, researchers argue that educators and policymakers should pay greater attention to the contribution of “toxic stress” — a dysregulated physiological stress reaction that arises in response to frightening and threatening experiences — to the achievement gap. Source: The Washington Post
Boosting Equity in Early Learning
Early learning isa field that is defined by practices that are developmentally appropriate, so it’s worth asking if developmentally appropriate practices are also equitable. Source: The Hechinger Report

NEA Report: Only Five States’ Charter School Laws Rate “Mediocre” or Better

Does your state have charter laws that fall short of protecting students and leave taxpayers on the hook for fraud, waste, and abuse? Probably.   READ MORE »