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Lily Eskelsen García Takes the Helm of the NEA Lily Eskelsen García Takes the Helm of the NEA

By Brenda Álvarez As a child, Lily Eskelsen García was quiet, studious and introverted. The second eldest of six siblings, she often played alone with her dolls while her sisters played together. She kept her head in books, did well in school, but never talking about her future. The Lily Eskelsen García of today is far from quiet. Speaking to delegates... [Read more]

Back to School 2014: Ten Soul-Saving Tips for New Teachers Back to School 2014: Ten Soul-Saving Tips for New Teachers

By Susan Anglada Bartley Susan Anglada Bartley, M.Ed, is the winner of the 2014 OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education. In 2013, she was awarded the NEA’s H. Councill Trenholm Human & Civil Rights award for her commitment to creating greater equity in public education. She teaches AP English and coordinates the Advanced Scholar Program... [Read more]

NEA Hosts Clinic for Students Eligible for Deferred Action NEA Hosts Clinic for Students Eligible for Deferred Action

By Brenda Álvarez Ten years ago, Aura Menjivar Lara made the long and harrowing trek from El Salvador to the U.S. She left her homeland—riddled with violence and despair—with dreams of a better life. Today, she wears an ankle monitor, which is usually reserved for convicted criminals on parole, fears deportation and the loss of her son, 7, to a... [Read more]

NEA Back to School Tour Spotlights College Affordability Crisis NEA Back to School Tour Spotlights College Affordability Crisis

By Anita Merina Calling college affordability “the universal cause that will unite educators, students, parents and communities,” NEA President-Elect Lily Eskelsen García spent the second day of NEA’s Back-to-School Tour shining the spotlight on Degrees Not Debt, the national campaign to reduce crushing student loan debt and make... [Read more]

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Rating Teachers Not As Easy As 1, 2, 3

The idea seems simple enough: Identify the best teachers and reward them. Pinpoint the worst and fire them. That’s been a linchpin of the Obama administration’s education agenda from the start. But now the administration’s initiative is in disarray, with states scaling back, slowing down and, in some cases, putting off tough decisions until Obama is out of office. Teachers union pressure, error-riddled evaluations and a wave of more difficult tests for students have won many teachers a reprieve from the newfangled evaluations during the school year now getting underway. Source: Politico

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/09/rating-teachers-110467.html#ixzz3C4ftmiFF

California Governor Appeals Court Ruling Overturning Protections for Teachers

Wading into an intense national battle that has pitted teacher unions against a movement to weaken tenure protections, Gov. Jerry Brown has appealed a California judge’s sweeping ruling that threw out teacher job protection laws on the ground that they deprived students of their constitutional rights. “Changes of this magnitude, as a matter of law and policy, require appellate review,” the one-page appeal said of the case, Vergara v. California. Source: The New York Times

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NEA’s 2014 Back to School Tour

With the start of the new school year, the National Education Association (NEA) is set to hit the road for its “Back to School” tour. Beginning in California on August 19th, other stops are scheduled for Florida, New Jersey, and Texas, where Lily Eskelsen García, the newly elected NEA President who takes office on September 1, and other NEA leaders will meet with members and community partners to raise awareness on issues affecting the nation’s public schools. Check here for daily updates.

NSTA New Science Teacher Academy – Deadline August 22

The National Science Teachers Association is currently accepting applications for the 2014–2015 New Science Teacher Academy. The Academy is a professional development initiative created to help promote quality science teaching, enhance teacher confidence and classroom excellence, and improve teacher content knowledge. Visit NSTA for more information.

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