Words Matter: The Repercussions of What We Say – And Don’t Say – About Students

The way we communicate with and about students can have major equity implications. A new book explains how educators can match their speech to their values.

Despite Inclusive Policies, Refugee Children Face Major Obstacles to Education

The barriers refugee children face overseas create even more problems if they are eventually resettled in the United States.



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Do Healthy Lunches Improve Student Test Scores?
For years, education leaders at the local and state levels have sought a variety of ways to boost students’ performance on tests. A new study identifies a new link to student achievement: food quality. Source: The Atlantic
Supreme Court Weighs Heavily in Favor of Special Ed Rights
School districts must give students with disabilities the chance to make meaningful, "appropriately ambitious" progress, the Supreme Court said Wednesday in an 8-0 ruling. Source: National Public Radio
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Tips, articles, and classroom resources for new educators like you
Check out these three great reading resources to build a love of reading and help struggling readers in all grade levels.
School districts must give students with disabilities the chance to make meaningful, “appropriately ambitious” progress, the Supreme Court said Wednesday

How a Supreme Court Ruling on Playground Covering May Pave the Way for School Vouchers

State constitutional prohibitions against aid to religion, including aid to religious schools, may be in jeopardy.