Meet 2018 National Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning

A teacher of newly arrived refugee and immigrant students, Washington educator believes teaching fearlessness in students is a citical first step in creating a more hopeful, safer, and kinder society.   READ MORE »

Design Thinking: Connecting Students to the Larger World

Design thinking is more than project-based learning. It's a mindset that turns students into innovative problem-solvers.    READ MORE »



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The best education news and commentary from around the web, curated by NEA Today's editorial staff.

The State of Preschool in the U.S.
More students are enrolling in state preschool programs than ever before, but a slump in the rate of growth and in per-student spending is eclipsing this good news. Source: U.S. News
Arizona Teachers Vote to Strike
Educators in Arizona held a strike vote on Thursday that launched a first-ever statewide walkout and turned down a proposed pay raise — instead demanding increased school funding. Source: National Public Radio

Despite Rising Fear and Anxiety, DACA Activists Keep Up the Pressure

"All the work that we've done, the allies we've made, and the foundation we've built - we're not back to the beginning, we're just on a detour."    READ MORE »