At 2020 NEA RA, Educators Vow to Help Lead Nation Through Crisis

More than 7,000 delegates came together virtually as they prepare to make an impact in the 2020 elections and beyond.   READ MORE »

NEA Executive Director: A Just Society Begins with a Just Education

We are in the midst of a “movement moment” Kim Anderson told the RA delegates, and we must continue to play an active role.   READ MORE »



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To Open Schools in the Fall or Not
Sharp divisions over where Americans kids should be taught this fall are emerging among doctors, schools and educators. Source: The Washington Post
SEL Can Help Special Educators Address Rapidly Evolving Remote Learning Requirements
How should teachers should address the rapidly evolving requirements for remote learning or their students with special education needs? Source: EdSurge

Supreme Court Gives States Green Light to Expand School Vouchers

By permitting taxpayer funding of private religious schools, the Court just joined the far-right agenda to undermine public education.   READ MORE »