Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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How Are Children Faring in America? The Good and Bad News How Are Children Faring in America? The Good and Bad News

By Tim Walker In  1990, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released the first Kids Count report, an annual survey measuring the well-being of the nation’s children examining various indicators across four key areas – economic well-being, education, health care, and family and community. Kids Count takes a look at  positive policies and practices that... [Read more]

Education Organizers Find Power in Numbers Education Organizers Find Power in Numbers

By Amy Jordan What happens when you gather educators committed to improving public education, help them brush up on their organizing skills and let them loose in an unfamiliar community? They contact 550 people, gather 276 pledge cards from community members to support pro-public education candidates and collect commitment cards from 101 educators to... [Read more]

The Key to Fighting Privatization? Preparation The Key to Fighting Privatization? Preparation

By John Rosales Spring is usually the season when private contractors across the nation seem to crawl out of the woodwork seeking public school contracts. Why? Easy prey. Privateers know school board members are desperately trying to balance budgets for the upcoming school year. And nothing is easier for cash-strapped trustees needing to strike a zero... [Read more]

Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Expanding Early Childhood Education. Is Congress Listening? Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Expanding Early Childhood Education. Is Congress Listening?

By Richard Naithram A new bipartisan national poll released by The First Five Years Fund reveals that both Republicans and Democrats favor a strong federal investment in early childhood education. According to the poll, 71 percent of voters—including 60 percent of Republicans—support this investment even if it increased the deficit in the short... [Read more]

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Why Are We Talking About Campbell Brown?

Capitalizing on her reputation as a former journalist and CNN correspondent,Campbell Brown has launched an all-put assault on teachers. Her lawsuit against teacher “tenure” in New York landed her on virtually every network news programs. Whatever Brown’s intentions are, they lack an understanding of both the current landscape of teaching in high-needs schools and of educational research. It’s time to get some facts straight. Source: The Huffington Post

For Public Schools, the Long and Bumpy Road to Going Digital

Funding – or lack of it – is the number one issue facing school districts as they convert to the digital learning world. Consequently, the technological innovations that have permeated our private lives seem so far to have eluded many of the 50 million students enrolled in public K-12 education. Despite every best intention, the transition to digital isn’t quite here yet. Source: KQED MindShift

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Ahead in Ed

NEA’s 2014 Back to School Tour

With the start of the new school year, the National Education Association (NEA) is set to hit the road for its “Back to School” tour. Beginning in California on August 19th, other stops are scheduled for Florida, New Jersey, and Texas, where Lily Eskelsen García, the newly elected NEA President who takes office on September 1, and other NEA leaders will meet with members and community partners to raise awareness on issues affecting the nation’s public schools. Check here for daily updates.

NSTA New Science Teacher Academy – Deadline August 22

The National Science Teachers Association is currently accepting applications for the 2014–2015 New Science Teacher Academy. The Academy is a professional development initiative created to help promote quality science teaching, enhance teacher confidence and classroom excellence, and improve teacher content knowledge. Visit NSTA for more information.

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