Colleges Must Mandate Face Masks on Reopened Campuses, Union Says

As colleges weigh reopening, a Florida faculty union has issued specific recommendations to keep students and employees safe.   READ MORE »

‘This Is No Time For Us to Look Away’

Educators have an obligation to act, says NEA President, and they will continue the call for justice and hold powerful people to account.   READ MORE »



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Justice For Black Lives Resources
NEA is committed to working with educators towards eradicating racist systems that keep students from attaining the best public education possible. These resources can help promote deeper understanding around the issues of racism and violence with colleagues, students and families.  Source: NEA Edjustice
Minneapolis Public Schools Terminates Contract with Police Department
Minneapolis Public Schools has severed its decades-long relationship with the city’s police department in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody. Source: Minnesota Star Tribune

Missouri Educators Organize and Save Planning Time

In many states, planning time for teachers is micromanaged, or attempts have been made to reduce it entirely.   READ MORE »