West Virginia Teachers Launch Two-Day, Statewide Strike

After decades of endless empty promises to take care of educators, West Virginia’s teachers and education support professionals have reached the breaking point.   READ MORE »

‘It’s Time To Take Action’: Students Lead Protest to Change Gun Laws

Nationwide, students and activists are putting lawmakers on notice: We will not stand by and allow you to fail us any longer.   READ MORE »



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Educators, Parents Reject Arming School Staff
We need solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of those who want to use them to massacre innocent children and educators. Arming teachers does nothing to prevent that.
Students on the Move Pose Challenge for Districts
Students in Clark County, NV are about twice as likely to move during a given school year than their counterparts in Chicago, Miami, New York City or Los Angeles. That mobility can have a significant effect on academic achievement. Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

Educators Shine at the 2018 NEA Foundation Gala

Annual event celebrates the power of innovation, artistry, and teacher leadership.   READ MORE »