‘I Didn’t Know It Had a Name’: Secondary Traumatic Stress and Educators

Caring about students can come with a price. Self-care helps, but schools need to take the lead in helping educators cope with STS.   READ MORE »

States Take On ‘Lunch Shaming’, But Child Nutrition Still Under Threat

Banning stigmatizing practices like 'lunch shaming' is the right thing to do. Dropping kids from nutrition programs is not.   READ MORE »



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Black-White Discipline Gap Predicts Achievement Disparities
When a school district’s black-white discipline gap increases, so does its black-white achievement gap, according to a new study. Source: Education Dive
Later School Start Times Winning the Debate
In the battle between the adolescent penchant for hitting the snooze button and parental desire to rush them onto an early morning school bus, experts say science is increasingly siding with the snooze. Source: CNN

Have Lawmakers Learned Anything From the Great Recession?

The last recession triggered drastic spending cuts across the country - and significant losses in academic outcomes for our most disadvantaged students.   READ MORE »